Goodacity – Dare to be Good

Even in the darkest times and after the darkest days, there is only light in the souls of our people! “Happiness can be found even in the darkest times, if you don’t forget to turn to the light,” say the characters of the famous book about the struggle between good and evil. By helping others, we turn this light on, the light of humanness and goodness!



Mood and vision

Plans can be destroyed, people can be made to put their dreams aside, but enemies cannot take away our faith, our love, our hope! “You can spend your inner resource on fear and sadness, or you can spend it on gratitude and love… I choose love!” our heroine Yulia from Novoselivka says. Despite the fact that her house was destroyed, she knows that everything that was ruined will be rebuilt. And the help and care of other people inspire to appreciate and support each other even more!


Step 1. War destroys plans…

“This spring, we were supposed to move into our newly built house in Novoselivka,” Yulia says.

“We dreamed, rejoiced, could hardly wait. Unfortunately, this day never came. The war destroyed our home, destroyed our plans and dreams. Our Novoselivka, this beautiful, tidy, blooming village, was destroyed beyond recognition in a month of active hostilities, it was simply turned into ruins.”

“There are almost no surviving houses here, this is what Novoselivka looks like after this spring… The village situated less than ten kilometers from Chernihiv, it stood in the way of the Russian army, and, in fact, took the blow. They were firing with all calibers and all types of weapons at us, throwing at us everything that they could…”


“We had three huge shell holes from an aerial bomb in our yard; one of them was by the house itself, the wall collapsed from the explosion. And in April, when the occupiers were already fleeing from the village, they deliberately shot houses from a tank just for fun, to cause more damage and destruction.”

“When the full-scale invasion started, we took the child, the most necessary things and went to Slavutych,” the woman recalls the events of this spring. “But it turned out that the road we were supposed to travel on was already damaged and was being shot at by enemy troops. We went there thinking that it was for two or three days and stayed there for almost a month. And when we returned to Novoselivka, we saw that our house was no longer there. We already knew about it, our neighbors told us, but when we saw it ourselves, we were, of course, shocked…”


Step 2. No one can destroy hope!

“Plans can be destroyed, people can be made to put their dreams aside, but enemies cannot take away our faith, our love, our hope! So instead of crying over the ruins, we started taking them apart and focusing on how we would restore everything, how we would rebuild our home again,” Yulia says. “We have basically taken away everything that has been destroyed, and soon we will start the groundwork. We have built our house ourselves, so we already have the experience. Yes, we need time and money, but I believe that we will manage, with the help of caring people. And as it turns out, our whole country cares! Our people are incredible, they have so much light and humanity inside!”

“When we were preparing to move into a new house, we dreamed that we would have pets. And although our house is still in the process of being rebuilt, we are so optimistic that we have a cat now! [She laughs] My son, a fan of Harry Potter books, named the cat Hermione. The struggle between the forces of good and the darkness is about all of us now… And I know for sure that our story will also have a happy ending!”

“We thought we could rely on ourselves only, but we got an extremely powerful support! We are so grateful to everyone who helps. Thanks to Goodacity for helping us with tools that were needed so much. Helping each other, we move our country forward! After all, if your world ends with your fence, and you don’t care about what happens beyond, the state will not be able to evolve. Our country is not some separate pieces of land put together and owned by separate individuals, but a common cause of all its citizens! We are a strong nation; we will rebuild our country and our children will have wonderful lives in it.”



Time to sum it up

“I am often told that I am such an optimist,” Yulia says. “I am because there is simply no other way now! You can spend your inner resource on fear and sadness, or you can spend it on gratitude and love. I choose love! If we focus on the negative things, we will see only negative things around, and this will destroy our ability to do anything. If we notice kindness and light, and there are actually a lot of examples of humanness around us today, it will give us energy for action, make us sure that everything will be fine. The roof of our house, though still mutilated and broken, was picked by storks. They regularly come here by whole families. And it is so inspiring and symbolic, it is about the future and about life!”

“The Future is ours, life itself is ours, and therefore we will win!”

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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