life goes on CategoriesTrails of Good

“Life Goes On”: A Mariupol Defender Discusses Amputation, Strength of Spirit, and Serving with a Prosthesis

A warrior with a steel character At 22 years old, Anatoliy Leonenko, a senior sergeant nicknamed “Buffalo”, is a young…

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volunteer artist CategoriesTrails of Good

A Young Artist with a Big Voice and an Even Bigger Heart!

8-year-old volunteer artist Sophia Nersesian has raised 13 million to support the army! At the tender age of 8, Sophia…

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nothing is impossible CategoriesTrails of Good

Nothing is Impossible

A veteran, who lost his sight in war, on marriage, life after injury, food blogging, and how to see with…

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indomitable volunteer CategoriesTrails of Good

The Indomitable Volunteer: Yevhen Kompanets on Supporting the Front and the Power of Spirit!

In two years – 160,000 “battle treats”! “If it weren’t for my wheelchair, I’d be on the front lines right…

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woman in the army CategoriesTrails of Good

Woman in the army – not an exception or “exotic,” but the norm

About a gender-neutral war, serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF), and gender stereotypes – from the perspective of a…

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old age CategoriesTrails of Good

Old age is no barrier when the soul yearns to help!

A Volunteer… At 80 Years Old! Old age is no barrier when the soul longs to assist! To keep Ukrainian…

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family farm CategoriesTrails of Good

Family Farm “Sunny Land”: Where Love is Sown!

While the husband defends Ukraine, his wife runs the family business! After moving from Kyiv to Kolychevka, Ukraine, Tetyana and…

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a film about Ukraine CategoriesTrails of Good

A Film About Ukraine – A Winner at an International Contest!

The movie “The Ghost of Christmas” by Mykhailo Penyevskyi from Kyiv was honored at the AI film contest! It’s a…

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never lose heart CategoriesTrails of Good

Never Lose Heart and Support the Ukrainian Army!

500 Kilometers of Aid! The story of Maksym is a testament to resilience and the human spirit’s ability to aid…

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love heals CategoriesTrails of Good

Love Heals the Wounds of War

A veteran discusses life after amputation and what keeps him going He tenderly holds a yellow-and-blue flag in his hand…

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willpower CategoriesTrails of Good

The willpower and spirit is astounding!

A family forged from love and steel: After a severe injury, Vitaliy Mizin became a father for the third time…

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buy seeds CategoriesTrails of Good

Buy seeds… to support the Defenders!

A 10-year-old volunteer sells seeds he collected himself to bring Victory closer! Buy seeds to help the Armed Forces of…

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Supporting the Military CategoriesTrails of Good

Supporting the Military – From a 10-Year-Old Volunteer!

A Sweet Endeavor – Supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces! Ihor from Dnipro, Ukraine, has just turned 10. For almost a…

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adoptive family CategoriesTrails of Good

Adoptive Family – Because War Can’t Steal Love!

At 23, Alina Stupak became an adoptive mother to four children! Originally a model turned volunteer who worked abroad, she…

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тварини під час війни CategoriesTrails of Good

Animals during the war: a tale of love and loyalty

Olena Shevchenko, from the city of Chernihiv, spent four months living in a bomb shelter, rescuing “little tails” “Animals are…

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trench candles CategoriesTrails of Good

Trench candles – from a volunteer in a wheelchair!

Light for Heroes – From a Spirit Strong! “When I was making my first trench candles, I struggled a bit:…

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knitted toys CategoriesTrails of Good

Knitted toys – aiding the Military!

Love in Every Stitch Here, things with soul live. Warm balaclavas for Ukrainian soldiers, comfortable adaptive socks for the wounded…

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military chaplain CategoriesTrails of Good

Military chaplain Yevhen Orda: on Christmas at the front and in hearts

About faith, war, and miracles of salvation He has been in the war for ten years. Performing religious ceremonies like…

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handmade chocolate CategoriesTrails of Good

Handmade chocolate from a 10th grader in Kulykivka!

A 15-year-old student from Chernihiv region makes artisan sweets and supports the Ukrainian Armed Forces “Thank you, warrior!”, “Thank you,…

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volunteer day CategoriesTrails of Good

Volunteer Day – every day is ours!

Meet a Chernihiv Volunteer: Helping Others as a Way of Life Meet Olya Dolishnya: a mother of three, the wife…

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large family CategoriesTrails of Good

A large family from Bakhmut is now in the Chernihiv region

A Family Where… Eight “I’s” Shine! Their home in Kozeltsi, Ukraine, is modest but incredibly warm and cozy. Six pairs…

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assistance to displaced persons CategoriesTrails of Good

Aid for Displaced Persons in the Chernihiv Region of Ukraine – from Yulia, a Native of Crimea

How the warmth of the soul transforms into the warmth of homes “My name is Yulia, and I rejuvenate old…

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memory of the Holodomor CategoriesTrails of Good

We consider it important to preserve the memory of the Holodomor…

An Interview from the Front with a Chernihiv Holodomor Researcher He is the guardian of the memory of the Holodomor.…

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seeing with the heart CategoriesTrails of Good

Seeing with the heart: a blind woman knits socks for defenders

Mother’s Warmth in Every Stitch This story is about Maria Lukach, a 55-year-old woman from the small village of Mala…

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inclusive society CategoriesTrails of Good

Building an inclusive society together

How Parents of Children with Disabilities Volunteer and Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine! This volunteer group is quite out…

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kind heart CategoriesTrails of Good

The kind heart of Chernihiv’s Victoria Klopot: volunteering and animal rescue as a way of life

A Story of Hope and Assistance It’s often said that volunteering changes lives, but words can hardly capture the depth…

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life in occupation CategoriesTrails of Good

Life in occupation is worse than captivity…

The Confession of a Woman Who Escaped an Occupied City This is the confession-story of a woman, along with her…

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do not give up CategoriesTrails of Good

Do not give up – no matter what!

The Story of a Jack-of-All-Trades… With One Hand He wakes up at dawn – when the city is still asleep,…

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creative volunteers CategoriesTrails of Good

Creative volunteers: art that brings victory closer!

Ksenia and Dmytro Pityzyny: Together in Creativity, Volunteering, and Life! Catching the creative duo from Chernihiv, Ksenia and Dmytro Pityzyny,…

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What do volunteers do in Ukraine CategoriesTrails of Good

What do volunteers do in Ukraine: the story of 14-year-old volunteer Solomiya

Changing the World by Helping Others! It all started with this message. “Good day, my name is Solomiya, I am…

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love for peolpe CategoriesTrails of Good

Love for people changes the world around us!

With Warmth and Love: A Grandfather Knits a Hundred Pairs of Socks for the Front Lines! “Tell the boys —…

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українською, будь ласка CategoriesTrails of Good

In Ukrainian, please: how does a teacher from Nizhyn promote the language

In the heat of war, she defended… the Ukrainian language! “Here you go, woman, a language. / Shoot with it.…

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cancer is not a sentence CategoriesTrails of Good

Cancer is not a sentence: defeating the enemy and the disease

The Two Battles of Volunteer Svitlana “Call Svitlana.” These two words serve as a kind of code for those in…

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become a volunteer CategoriesTrails of Good

Become a volunteer is simple… All it takes is to care!

How the Solo of One Caring Volunteer Turns Into a Harmonious Choir “There was this one incident that deeply moved…

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helping stray animals CategoriesTrails of Good

When it comes to helping stray animals, it’s a lifelong commitment!

A Home… for a Hundred Tails! This isn’t just a home – it’s a haven for nearly a hundred “tails”!…

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defender of Ukraine CategoriesTrails of Good

School teacher – defender of Ukraine!

He exchanged school hallways for trenches! For nearly 10 years, his daily routine was unwavering – to the school, for…

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education during the war CategoriesTrails of Good

Education during the war: wars are not won by generals, but by school teachers

The School as a Symbol of Resistance! This is the story of a teacher. A teacher who taught his students…

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rebuilding CategoriesTrails of Good

Rebuilding – from caring hearts!

From volunteer Yaryna: Rebuilding Chernihiv, volunteering, and “donating for bricks” “When you come to a yard to clear the rubble,…

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camouflage nets CategoriesTrails of Good

Camouflage nets are the “wings” for our guardian angels

Weaving Victory! They are the ones weaving wings… “Wings” for guardian angels! “Our military personnel are our guardian angels, and…

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how to find strength CategoriesTrails of Good

How to find strength: the story of “Mama Zoya” from Kherson who helps the military

Knitting with Love: A Displaced Woman from Kherson Weaves Mats for the Ukrainian Armed Forces! In these trying times, “Mama…

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діти волонтери CategoriesTrails of Good

Child volunteers: little heroes in a big battle

Nizhyn Schoolgirl Diana Nasibova Raises 800,000 Hryvnias for Ukrainian Soldiers It’s Saturday afternoon, and 12-year-old Diana Nasibova is in her…

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strong in spirit CategoriesTrails of Good

Strong in spirit: a soldier’s life after amputation

Never give up — even if only one hand remains… I don’t know how to watch this video without tears.…

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Children during the war CategoriesTrails of Good

Children during the war: lighting up smiles on young faces again

Dad is captured, mom is gone… “Grandma, why do all the other kids go to school with their mom and…

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особлива дитина CategoriesTrails of Good

If you have a special child, life doesn’t stop…

Having a child with special needs is not a sentence! The word “mom” is so simple and so significant… Every…

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прихисток для тварин CategoriesTrails of Good

Animal shelter on a farm near Chernihiv!

A girl from Chernihiv moved to the village to create her own animal shelter! From the photos, an incredibly beautiful…

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донорство крові CategoriesTrails of Good

Blood donation exhibits the finest human qualities

Blood donation is a form of volunteering, too! “The daunting words ‘Kharkiv region! Dnipro! There’s a significant need for blood…

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порятунок тварин CategoriesTrails of Good

Animal rescue is my soul!

Animal Rescue: A Little Help Is Better Than a Lot of Sympathy! This story isn’t just about the rescue of…

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творчість рятує CategoriesTrails of Good

Creativity saves: art as medicine for the soul

People with Boundless Spiritual Strength Yevhen is 25. He has deep brown eyes and a piercing gaze… He writes poetry…

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радість життя CategoriesTrails of Good

Working to restore the joy of life to people!

Volunteer “Bo Mozhemo” Iryna – on rebuilding destroyed homes! Shovels, hammers, boards, drills, bricks, piles of slate and foam blocks,…

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зняти стрес CategoriesTrails of Good

To relieve stress, geese can help!

Battle Geese – For Morale Boosting! Looking for ways to alleviate stress? Meet the “Battle Geese.” However, they weren’t “born”…

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активісти CategoriesTrails of Good

Activists of “Bo Mozhemo” – about repairing homes and human souls!

Together Against Ruin! “We patch up broken homes and broken hearts,” says Sergiy. He is one of those who stand…

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любов до життя CategoriesTrails of Good

Love of Life – in every day! The story of a Chernihiv woman who makes the world a better place

Love of life means sharing your generous heart with others! At its core, love of life is about loving all…

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у чому сенс життя CategoriesTrails of Good

What is the sense of life? It’s about finding your own business!

A Chernihiv Farmer on Finding Your Path in Life What is the meaning of life? He’s one of those who…

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сміливість CategoriesTrails of Good

Courage born out of love!

Childhood – Against All Odds! “My name is Dmytro. I live in the city of Kramatorsk, Ukraine. I’m asking for…

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бути щасливим CategoriesTrails of Good

The story of a couple from the destroyed village of Novoselivka: to be happy despite everything!

War couldn’t take away their humanity or their ability to be happy! Being happy – the story of a couple…

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сила духу CategoriesTrails of Good

Fortitude: The Story of a Volunteer Fighting on Two Fronts!

Fortitude, belief in Victory, and life-saving volunteerism! Alina is 23. Petite, smiling, with sparks in her eyes. Her hair, which…

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добрі справи для дітей CategoriesTrails of Good

Good deeds for children – to “paint away” the war within themselves!

Good deeds for children in the space of creativity and goodness A spacious cozy room filled with children… On the…

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шлях у житті CategoriesTrails of Good

The way in life: how strong-willed people break stereotypes!

The way in life is the choice of each of us Their way in life is an example of incredible…

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допомога дітям з інвалідністю CategoriesTrails of Good

Helping children with disabilities – by the military!

Helping children with disabilities: by helping others, we help ourselves “Interview from the trenches” is about our conversation with Mr.…

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life goes on CategoriesTrails of Good

Stray animals – the “litmus test” for society!

Stray animals – how to help them Stray animals on the streets – how do you imagine them? “If you…

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подяка за допомогу CategoriesTrails of Good

Gratitude for help: the military surprised the schoolchildren in Chernihiv region

Gratitude for help – a surprise for young volunteers “Thank you for the opportunity to sleep and wake up in…

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куди поїхати на вихідні CategoriesTrails of Good

Where to go for the weekend: a unique museum in Chernihiv Oblast!

Where to go for the weekend? For a stroll to the ethnographic treasure! Solomyaniky, kumantsi, rubeli, skrebnitsi, zhliukta, nochvy, rohachi…

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допомагати просто CategoriesTrails of Good

Helping is easy when you love

Helping is easy if you have a big heart We first saw his announcement on social media, and it impressed…

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що таке щастя CategoriesTrails of Good

What is happiness? It’s the people around you!

To make a child feel what is happiness “That summer, my daughter Liza was turning eight. We offered her to…

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добрі справи CategoriesTrails of Good

Good deeds of the “Library of Good”!

Good deeds of the volunteer hub! It’s more than just a library. The Rocutneve village library is not only a…

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волонтер – це CategoriesTrails of Good

Volunteer is a Calling of the Heart!

A volunteer is a contribution to Victory! When a volunteer is becomes every other resident of Ripky. The inhabitants of…

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добра справа CategoriesTrails of Good

Good thing: planting flowers for people and for Victory!

Blooming good deed We all want a flourishing country, don’t we? And what if each of us planted at least…

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волонтерський рух в Україні CategoriesTrails of Good

Volunteer movement in Ukraine – how entire villages volunteer in Chernihiv region!

The volunteer movement in Ukraine is the power of those who care! Their strength lies in the power of those…

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допомога тваринам під час війни CategoriesTrails of Good

Helping animals during war is especially crucial – they cannot survive without us

Helping animals during war: caring for “furries” Helping animals during wartime is an inspiring story of Tetiana from Chernihiv, who…

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допомога тваринам CategoriesTrails of Good

Helping animals is our way of staying human!

Helping animals: an example that breaks stereotypes “I imagine people in my village think of me as the man who…

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наслідки війни CategoriesTrails of Good

Consequences of war: Ms. Lidia from Chernihiv sells flowers to rebuild her destroyed house

The consequences of war are about the strength of our people Ms. Lidia from Chernihiv greets us near the shattered…

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сенс життя CategoriesTrails of Good

“What is the sense of life? – To never give up!” How homes and souls destroyed by war come back to life

The sense of life is to preserve what is valuable and important… Where do you find the strength and sense…

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допомога армії України CategoriesTrails of Good

Helping the Ukrainian army – united efforts!

Helping the army of Ukraine – a common cause for Mrs. Olena “Helping the army of Ukraine is everyone’s responsibility,…

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як підтримати людину під час війни CategoriesTrails of Good

How to support a person during the war: the story of unbreakable grandfather Volodymyr from Chernihiv

How to support a person: useful advice from Grandpa Volodymyr “I only had my passport and my bicycle left,” sighs…

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людина з інвалідністю CategoriesTrails of Good

We believe that in our theater, a person with a disability is, first and foremost, a talented and gifted person!

A person with disabilities – creativity, genius, and potential! “A person with a disability is, above all, a creative and…

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небайдужі люди CategoriesTrails of Good

How to survive a war? The most important thing is to have people who care by your side!

How to survive the war: simple advice from Grandma Halia Grandma Halya comes out of her modular home in the…

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волонтерство під час війни CategoriesTrails of Good

We lost our home, but not our hope!

Volunteering during the war brings new hope The story of Alla Rudych from Chernihiv, Ukraine, is striking. It’s about how…

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Допомога ЗСУ CategoriesTrails of Good

Good without barriers: Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine from a special volunteer

Special assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine This is a story about how kindness knows no barriers. About how…

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хто такі волонтери CategoriesTrails of Good

Who are the volunteers? They are people with kind hearts!

Who are the volunteers with big hearts! A small room in a rural club, along which a net base is…

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допомогти армії CategoriesTrails of Good

War will not stop kindness: help to the army of Ukraine from the Tsypkivskyi educators

Help the army – the call of the soul and heart! Just socks? No, it’s not just socks! It’s warmth…

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волонтерська допомога CategoriesTrails of Good

Volunteer help: Children approaching Victory!

Volunteer assistance from children – a contribution to our Victory! “They are not “children of war”, on the contrary, they…

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благодійна допомога під час війни CategoriesTrails of Good

Little heroes come to aid the Ukrainian Armed Forces: how schoolchildren from Odessa joined in charity during the war

Charity during the war for our great Victory! Charity during the war is an incredibly important source of aid for…

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Дитинство без війни CategoriesTrails of Good

To give children a childhood without war

A happy childhood without war “To bring smiles back to children’s faces and to rescue their war-torn dreams is the…

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Дитина з інвалідністю CategoriesTrails of Good

A gift of light and love: how kind people made Anton’s world brighter

A child with disabilities experiencing a world of kindness and humanity! They say that only those who look with the…

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щасливе дитинство без війни CategoriesTrails of Good

By fulfilling children’s dreams, you are changing the world!

Children’s dreams – the driving force! “Dreams are a driving force that helps children cope with stress, stimulates learning and…

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допомога дітям під час війни CategoriesTrails of Good

Helping children during the war is protecting a dignified future!

Helping children during the war – fulfilling their dreams Alinka and Olenka are two sisters, two schoolgirls, two girls from…

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допомога людям похилого віку CategoriesTrails of Good

Helping the elderly is a ray of hope!

Helping the elderly inspires and motivates Once there were people who lived quietly in a blooming city. They worked, loved,…

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благодійність для дітей CategoriesTrails of Good

Charity for children: when a fairy tale becomes real

Charity for children fulfills the most incredible dreams Do you believe in fairy tales? The ones that always have a…

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що таке добро для дітей CategoriesTrails of Good

What is kindness for children? It is a flash of joy in dark times!

Celebration and belief in miracles – that is what kindness is for children “What is kindness for children? This is…

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волонтерство в Україні CategoriesTrails of Good

Volunteering in Ukraine is a unique phenomenon. And for me personally, volunteering gives me wings!

Volunteering in Ukraine means feeling one’s importance “By helping others, you help yourself too! We decided to put this principle…

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life goes on CategoriesTrails of Good

Doing good gives hope

Doing good is important in these challenging times Doing good means supporting others even when you feel helpless, even when…

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добра справа CategoriesTrails of Good

A good thing that gives hope!

A good thing of caring volunteers A good thing is born even in hopelessness, especially when there are those ready…

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life goes on CategoriesTrails of Good

Help during the war is my way to find strength!

Help during the war makes us stronger “When it appears that the world is falling apart, it’s important to find…

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допомога дітям CategoriesTrails of Good

Good deeds of children: little kids – great acts!

Helping children – changing the world for the better Children don’t know that some things are impossible to do, and…

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life goes on CategoriesTrails of Good

Home can be taken away, but not childhood

Warm a child’s heart – an investment in the future On February 24, the war broke into our lives and…

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life goes on CategoriesTrails of Good

All children should see the goodness!

Support for children during the war – inspires and gives the strength to plan for the future! We don’t need…

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life goes on CategoriesTrails of Good

Children’s sincere laughter is an inspiration for good deeds

There should always be room for a child’s smile! Children need joy! Despite all the trials and tribulations, there should…

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life goes on CategoriesTrails of Good

Let’s charge the army with sweet energy bars!

Special treats Dried fruits, cereals, honey, nuts… These sweets make an unassuming, yet a rather special recipe. However, there are…

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life goes on CategoriesTrails of Good

Guardian angels for the Armed Forces!

Guardian angel with your own hands “Our angels now wear the Armed Forces uniform! But they also need guardian angels…

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