Goodacity – Dare to be Good

How does helping others affect the future of each and every of us?

Have you ever thought about the fact that each of us is a driver of change? Every day we make dozens of decisions that seem small, but in reality, they determine how our present and futures play out. And not only ours but also the fates of people around us and, ultimately, even the whole […]

Our help is a drop in the ocean

How often do we let the stereotypical thought of being unable to do something global stop us? Thoughts such as, why should we try to help others if we don’t have enough money to feed all the hungry, shelter all the homeless, heal all the sick, and any action we take is just a drop […]

Good deeds: to talk or to keep silent?

What would you choose: to be silent about your charitable activities or, on the contrary, to turn the loudspeaker on for your good deeds and to inspire others, make charity visible and fill the world with stories about the Good?

Everyone has their own front

Does it seem to you that you are doing nothing for our Victory if you are not at the front now?
In fact, we are all warriors. Everyone has their place and their front. And everyone who wants to bring our victory closer will have some work to do!