Goodacity – Dare to be Good

Microgrants of Good

If you were waiting for a sign – here it is!

We often face injustice, but sometimes the lack of confidence, money, or support prevents us from correcting it.

If you…

…know children who can't reach their potential due to financial hardships

…have heard of those who need moral or psychological support, but its cost is prohibitive for them

…see the possibility and feel the strength to improve the environmental situation in your locality, but don't know how to start an initiative

… are hatching a plan to help animals in your neighborhoods but still can`t find like-minded people

... know those who need heating and comfort during the cold season but can`t afford it

…feel the necessity to help someone but do not have enough financial means to do so

#Goodacity Microgrant is financial assistance from the citizens of the Realm of Good.

You tell us about those who need help, and we assist you in implementing your kind initiative to do something good and create an opportunity for those who need it now.

Work a wonder for someone, and we will help you become a miracle worker! We will support your charitable initiative if you don`t have enough financial means for it!

Fill in the microgrant application form below to gain access to the resources to do good! Light a fire of hope in the hearts of those who desperately need help and support!

They see these lights. They are waiting for you – because your light dispels their darkness.


Road Map

Step 1

Step 1

You describe the initiative that needs help

Step 2

Step 2

We contact you to discuss the details
Step 3

Step 3

We agree to help together
Step 4

Step 4

We help you to implement a kind initiative
Step 5

Step 5

You send us photos and videos of the implemented initiative
Step 6

Step 6

Our journalists describe this story to inspire others

Application for a microgrant!

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