You Have Reached the Realm of Good!
We believe that the realm of "good" vibrates at its own unique frequency.
If given a chance, it will undoubtedly spread across the planet undeterred.
You Have Reached the Realm of Good!
We believe that the realm of "good" vibrates at its own unique frequency. If given a chance, it will undoubtedly spread across the planet undeterred.
Goodacity - is a community of people who help each other

Community Initiatives

Goodacity Messengers of Good
Messengers of Good
At the moment, the "Messengers of Good" project continues to be active within our community. Initiated by a small consortium of members within our community to unite, support, and assist those who are already helping others!
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Let's take a look at those who is found here
Community Citizens
Inspired Dreamers
They continuously possess a multitude of ideas and boundless energy. They are inspired by a future where every person can feel the vibrations of good. They dream of each person finding a powerful force within themselves and will choose humanity, even in the most difficult situations. They seek like-minded individuals with whom they can collaborate on a variety of projects.
Ordinary Heroes
These are ordinary people for whom helping others comes naturally. They are heroes for many, but they are never consciously aware of it. Even in the most mundane daily situations, they know how to gift their friendship to others by generously devoting their time and attention to persons in need.
Enlightened Wanderers
Wandering through life, committing many missteps along the way, they learned all the different aspects of themselves. Yet, the trials that they chose for themselves did not break them. Each one dared to get up, dust themselves off, and move forward. These challenges only helped them to become more enlightened. Now, they're passing their knowledge and experience on to others.
Community Ideas
In the Search for Good
Many people within our realm wish to help others. We help everyone who is already doing good deeds or simply feels the good vibration radiating from deep within. We want the citizens of our community to grow wings and have all doors opened to them.

If you found a way to help other people but doubt your abilities - write to us.

If you know someone who needs help in strengthening a volunteer organization - share with us.

If you are actively helping others by doing good deeds in ordinary daily situations, please tell us.

And especially, if you do not know where your talents best fit but feel that this website and what we have shared resonates with you, reach out to us.
If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito
- Dalai Lama
In the Search of Self
We believe that the solution to many problems comes through developing the right relationship with oneself.

We can know and love ourselves with pure, non-selfish, unconditional love. This path may be long, but we urge you to follow it. Let your first step on this journey be a step of goodness in our realm.

Build a relationship with yourself through an act of kindness!

If you are searching for yourself - share with us.

If you could use someone's help - write to us.

If you want to help someone - tell us.

Even if you don't know where your talents can best be applied, but our words and this website resonate with you - drop us a line.
Goodacity Angelmoose
Who Are We?
Who is our mascot?

We are a group of people working in the corporate world of the software industry. Each of us lives with the feeling that we can be much more than just another cog in the corporate machine.
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You have much more power than you think!
— Goodacity Team
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