By Helping Others, We Help Ourselves

Sometimes the circumstances in our lives make us feel lonely and empty inside. To fill the void, we seek career growth and try to increase our wealth. Yet, after the attainment of the material success, we see that the feeling of emptiness remains. We cannot feel fulfilled within while running away from ourselves.

Perhaps we are more than just a physical body, and as we tread the evolutionary path of our soul, it is important to devote time to others. Because that’s when we move towards our goals more quickly, reaching new heights in harmony with our true selves.

Feeling of Worthlessness is Artificial

Many of us live with the idea that our importance can be felt only under certain circumstances. So-called conditional importance. We have certain standards of happiness, instilled within us from childhood or forced upon us by society.

We attempt to meet them, jump higher, swim faster, whatever the cost, but more often than not, we are left with an emptiness inside.

Perhaps, if we rethink our role, the internal void will no longer seem significant and will begin to fill with matters of a different kind. After all, a sense of importance and self-worth does not come solely from the outside through a purchase or an achievement.

Money Doesn't Solve Everything

Doing good through an intermediary – by supporting a charity, for example, is a good thing. But doing good directly is an entirely different experience that can alter your life forever.

We often strive to spend our time wisely. But what if we give it rather than spend it? As we help someone, time stops being just hours and minutes. It comes to life and takes on a different, priceless meaning. It becomes filled with a beautiful state of being, whose energy carries forward, forming a chain from one person to another.

Mindfulness and kindness should finally become a fashionable lifestyle and stop being a one-off event.

Through kindness, a person develops a relationship with him or herself, with one’s higher self…

…and eventually CONQUERS WITH LOVE!