Goodacity – Dare to be Good


If you received UAH 2,022, what would you spend it on? Not a huge sum, but if you think about it, even a small amount of money can bring happiness and joy. So, walk this trail of good with us; it will not leave you cold and will surely inspire you to believe in yourself!

When you have the idea to do something good, don't hasten to give it up. Instead, look for opportunities! And rest assured, you will find yourself on the right path, where your efforts will multiply and gain great importance. Be a warrior of goodness who sees no obstacles!
— the Goodacity team


Vision and passion

What happens when you want to do something good, but the resources are scarce? Do you think: can one person really solve big problems? Is it worth it to get down to business if it is no use? Because who can compete with global injustice single-handedly?

The Goodacity space assures you: everything is possible! You can become a magician on your own and help someone in misfortune. You can walk the trail of good alone and do something amazing, just like the person at the center of our next story.


Step 1. The problem

What can one person do? Not much, it seems, for example, when we speak of helping homeless animals. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of them, on the streets of our towns and cities! Can you help all of them? This is a very real challenge for every village and city in our country. And it is quite scary to consider tackling it alone.

 You can ask yourself: what is the point? If you feed a few cats in your yard, will it save the rest from starvation? And if you neuter one dog, will it solve the problem of animal overpopulation? The answer can be found on this trail of good, and it may come unexpectedly for many. So, never give up the desire to do good, even when it seems unrealistic!


Step 2. The opportunity

Do you remember how we said one person could do great things? Viktoriya is an ordinary girl who loves animals. She lives in the town of Khust, Ukraine, and cares for homeless dogs and cats there. Viktoriya saw an announcement about a micro-grant on a social network page and realized that this was a sign that might help the volunteer association, as they constantly need money for treating, neutering, and feeding animals.  

So, she applied for a Goodacity microgrant and explained how she was helping homeless animals in her application.

The Khust Homeless Animals independent association volunteers do an amazing job: they save dogs and cats from hunger and cold, neuter, treat them, and find shelter for them –  perhaps most importantly — a home with loving owners.

Why is this important? Neutering homeless animals reduces their population on the streets. And vaccination against rabies prevents the spread of this deadly virus, which can also infect people. In addition, the volunteers actively maintain social network accounts, write stories about the animals, and find homes for them.

I learned about Minigrants from social networks and liked this initiative so much, as well as its general idea — uniting caring people, so they could do good deeds and believe in their own strength, telling people that everyone can help, and that's cool! For me, it was a sign and an impulse to act.
— Victoria,
a volunteer from the town of Khust, Ukraine

Step 3. The solution

Having a microgrant of UAH 2,022, Viktoriya ordered the following goods from a pet store: one large package of dog food, one large package of cat food, 20 cans of pate for cats, ten cans of pate for dogs, and one pet carrier. The pet store owner also promised to give her a discount, so these few hundred UAH would be spent on flea control products and collars.

Viktoriya was happy because even this small list of items could save several tailed lives. We also think that helping animals is a noble cause. Moreover, we believe there should be as much goodness in the world as possible. And your assistance, like a drop in the sea, pours into the ocean of great support and hope.

In this story, we proved that one is much better than none! One girl became a fairy godmother for several dozen of our furry friends because she believed in the power of the good. A microgrant is a chance. But you have to take the first step on this trail. It is important to make a decision and follow it through!
— Iryna,
Goodacity space volunteer

Step 4. The changes

Can you solve a global problem alone? Do the fate of people or animals depend on your actions? We believe that this is precisely so! And we assure you: you should not be afraid! Any charitable initiative is better than none. And you never know where the trail of good will lead you!

Viktoriya, the protagonist of this story, not only felt positive emotions from helping animals. This microgrant gave her faith and ensured she was on the right path.  >And this faith filled the bellies of several dozen of her furry wards with food, making them happy!  Because who will take care of those who cannot help themselves, if not we, the people? Dogs and cats always live by our sides, so it is worth making their homeless life at least a little bit better and cozier! 

Since my childhood, I have been convinced that helping others is a must and applies to everyone. There are a lot of kind and caring people among us, but they are not always able to help others. Sometimes you want to do so badly but don't know how to help or where to start, and you have doubts and maybe even some shame. Therefore, I am very grateful to the Goodacity project and everyone involved in its creation. You are doing a great job and set a great example for everyone!
— Viktoriya


Time to sum it up

Personal victory is when you overcome your own fears. And then you make a decision, act on it, and get a fantastic result! And you realize that your little help is invaluable to the world. You do great good with small steps.
— the Goodacity team

Weighing the results

It may seem that UAH 2022 is insignificant. This sum of money cannot fundamentally change the course of history or affect any global processes around you. But imagine what could happen if each of us spent 2,022 hryvnias on good causes?

One package of food will give a homeless dog another week of life. But if four people bought four packages, they would add a whole month to this little furry life! And who knows how things might turn out; maybe this dog will find a loving family and save its future owner from loneliness.

Each of us separately is just a link in a chain. But together, we create a powerful mechanism that counts the minutes down to new miracles, like a magic clock!

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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