Goodacity – Dare to be Good

You Have Reached the Realm of Good!

We believe that the realm of “good” vibrates at its own unique frequency.
If given a chance, it will undoubtedly spread across the planet undeterred.

We have started accepting applications for Giving Tuesday microgrants. Hurry, not much time left before the acceptance deadline.

Giving Tuesday & Goodacity

Giving Tuesday & Goodacity

Want to help someone, but don`t have enough money? Here’s your chance!

Fill out a form to request a microgrant and get your spark. Many hearts are looking for help.

 Go ahead! It’s time to act! Good will illuminate and warm your path…

How We Get Results


We don't just help, we inspire. We creatively share results and encourage participants to move forward


We don't just give money, we empower. We support activists with big hearts and pure souls


We don't just provide support in times of need, we give hope for the future. We fight even when things are hopeless


We don’t just bring people together, we help ignite the inner fire. We show the power of kindness


Community Initiatives

Want to help? Become a…

Defender of Good

Want to help others? Goodness brings our Victory closer!

Writer of Good

Dream of writing inspirationally about charity? Words serve the Good!

Voice of Good

Ready to talk about the Good everywhere online? Good deeds need publicity!

Patron of Good

Can you help with finances? Donations are the "fuel" of charity!

Trails of Good

Thoughts of Good