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Become a Defender of Good!

A Defender of Good is a person who helps us organize and run initiatives aimed at helping people and animals.

The goal of a Defender of Good
To directly participate in various initiatives and thus directly experience tremendous gratitude of people and animals!

Typical Task of a Defender of Good

  • Feed 5-10 stray animals
  • Deliver medication and food to 3-5 elderly people
  • Help organize an event or some educational activity for children
  • Anything else your heart may resonate with

Become a Writer of Good!

А Writer of Good is a person who helps us write about charitable initiatives for this website and for social media.

The goal of a Writer of Good
To cover the initiatives we carried out, thus communicate with people and experience a sense of belonging to something really important!

Typical Tasks of a Writer of Good

  • Compose a script for a short video
  • Draft a story covering one of the initiatives we carried out
  • Write an educational article on a topic of 
  • Anything else your imagination can conceive

Be а Voice of Good!

A Voice of Good is a person who helps us to disseminate information on charitable initiatives through social networks.

The purpose of а Voice of Good
To draw attention to the initiatives we carry out, increasing the number of likes and reposts and thus to experience a massive power of influence excerpted on life all around!

Typical tasks of a Voice of Good

  • Repost a story about one of the initiatives we carried out
  • Subscribe to our profiles on social media
  • Leave a comment or like our posts and videos
  • Anything else your sociability calls for

Become a Patron of Good!

A Patron of Good is a person who supports our initiatives with money, and acts as fuel for all future activities.

The goal of a Patron of Good
To provide an opportunity to conduct more initiatives and thus experience one’s incredible fire burning within!

Typical tasks of a Patron of Good

  • Help us finance a specific initiative we organize 
  • Provide our activists with products you sell or services you offer at a discounted price
  • Loan funds (micro-credit) to those working on a charitable project 
  • Anything else your generosity allows
You are much more than you realize!

The power that you have within can influence, change and inspire. The light you bring to others makes your own world shine brighter!

Help us draw attention to those who need help. Even a few minutes of your time will be enough to make a difference.

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