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92-Year-Old Grandma Knits Rugs to Help the Ukrainian Armed Forces!

“I’ll knit as long as I can!” Grandma Dariya is 92 years old and she wants to keep as many Ukrainian soldiers warm as her strength allows. For the past three years, she has been knitting rugs to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine! “I’m happy to be alive and able to help,” Grandma says […]

never give up

Never Give Up!

Veteran Olha Benda on Life with a Prosthetic, Sports, Motivation, and Motherhood In the photo, a delicate and beautiful woman wearing a traditional Ukrainian wreath and embroidered shirt stands out, contrasting with her camouflage uniform and the prosthetic left leg she lost in Donbas. Olha Benda, a veteran of the 72nd Separate Brigade named after […]

rehabilitation of veterans

Comprehensive Rehabilitation for Veterans: Both Physical and Psychological

A Protector with a Bionic Arm Assembles Drones and Assists Amputee Soldiers! An arm of metal and a spirit unbreakable! Veteran Mykola Voronchuk, with a bionic arm, assembles drones! “I lost my arm, but not my faith in myself,” says Mykola. “Love brought me back to life…” After his injury, he married the woman he […]

to be a mother

To Be a Mother Is…

A military mom and mother of a child with disabilities discusses volunteering and everyday challenges Behind thousands of sleepless nights and the constant worries and fears, there stands a mother. A mother whose strength and courage inspire and move everyone around her. She is a MOTHER. An incredible mother of two sons: Serhiy, 23, and […]

gingerbread houses

Gingerbread Houses – A Sweet Creative Endeavor Bringing Victory Closer!

“Unbreakable City”: The Craft of a Chernihiv Artisan The recipe is simple: flour, eggs, butter, honey, spices, and – an enormous, incredible love! Olena Zibert from Chernihiv, Ukraine, doesn’t just make gingerbread houses – she creates entire gingerbread worlds! Her work is “sweet”, but our conversation has a bittersweet edge, tinged with war… Olena’s husband […]

how to paint an Easter egg

The Egg Painter Who Defends Ukraine!

Oleh Kiriashchuk – about egg painting and the war, special works, and how to paint an Easter egg! Hands that have held a painting tool for 30 years now hold a rifle. We browse through photos of the master: here he is in an embroidered shirt, smiling and inspired, creating incredible, intricate, fantastic Easter eggs… […]

overcome obstacles

When You Really Want To, Anything is Possible!

Meet the Indomitable Volunteer with “Crystal Bones” – How to Overcome Obstacles and Achieving the Impossible! Overcome obstacles and achieving the impossible is her daily job. They said she would never be able to walk—yet not only can she walk, but she also drives her own car and swims, defying the laws of physics! This […]

volunteer artist

A Young Artist with a Big Voice and an Even Bigger Heart!

8-year-old volunteer artist Sophia Nersesian has raised 13 million to support the army! At the tender age of 8, Sophia Nersesian is already a fully fledged artist. With an incredibly powerful voice, moving songs, and a huge desire to help Ukrainian Defenders, she’s young but already a volunteer artist! “In the first months of the […]

nothing is impossible

Nothing is Impossible

A veteran, who lost his sight in war, on marriage, life after injury, food blogging, and how to see with the heart They got married last September. The beautiful bride, smiling, walked towards him in a white dress. He couldn’t see her. But he saw her — with his heart. This story cuts deep, pierces […]