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volunteer artist

A Young Artist with a Big Voice and an Even Bigger Heart!

8-year-old volunteer artist Sophia Nersesian has raised 13 million to support the army! At the tender age of 8, Sophia Nersesian is already a fully fledged artist. With an incredibly powerful voice, moving songs, and a huge desire to help Ukrainian Defenders, she’s young but already a volunteer artist! “In the first months of the […]

nothing is impossible

Nothing is Impossible

A veteran, who lost his sight in war, on marriage, life after injury, food blogging, and how to see with the heart They got married last September. The beautiful bride, smiling, walked towards him in a white dress. He couldn’t see her. But he saw her — with his heart. This story cuts deep, pierces […]

woman in the army

Woman in the army – not an exception or “exotic,” but the norm

About a gender-neutral war, serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF), and gender stereotypes – from the perspective of a soldier, Anzhelika “My first combat experience was in Bakhmut, Ukraine, – during January and February of last year, a time when some of the most intense and terrifying battles took place. We were engaged in […]

old age

Old age is no barrier when the soul yearns to help!

A Volunteer… At 80 Years Old! Old age is no barrier when the soul longs to assist! To keep Ukrainian soldiers warm at the front, an elderly volunteer from the village of Petrushyn, in the Chernihiv region of Ukraine, even unraveled her own clothing! “I have enough clothes to last me the rest of my […]

family farm

Family Farm “Sunny Land”: Where Love is Sown!

While the husband defends Ukraine, his wife runs the family business! After moving from Kyiv to Kolychevka, Ukraine, Tetyana and Serhiy founded a family farm and took a leap into buckwheat farming – a venture that has endeared them to the entire country! Ten years ago, they embarked on this journey, focusing on the cultivation […]

a film about Ukraine

A Film About Ukraine – A Winner at an International Contest!

The movie “The Ghost of Christmas” by Mykhailo Penyevskyi from Kyiv was honored at the AI film contest! It’s a truly special film. About darkness and the light that defeats it, about pain and the strength that overcomes it, about help and warmth, about loss… and new hope! “On Christmas night, I saw the ghost […]

never lose heart

Never Lose Heart and Support the Ukrainian Army!

500 Kilometers of Aid! The story of Maksym is a testament to resilience and the human spirit’s ability to aid others even when faced with life’s harshest blows. “Why do I run? So that people can see—if I, despite everything, can find the strength to run, then it’s a sign that nobody should ever give […]

love heals

Love Heals the Wounds of War

A veteran discusses life after amputation and what keeps him going He tenderly holds a yellow-and-blue flag in his hand as his most prized possession. He embraces his wife, and on a drone, which was purchased through volunteer efforts and is being sent to the front, he writes the name of a fallen comrade… All […]