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From our family to yours

Christmas presents from a Utah family to Ukrainian families in need

This is a story about light – the light of а human soul. About the warmth that lives within our hearts. And about the way each of us can become this light and this warmth for others – despite the distance and borders. After all, kindness always lives at arm’s length. The helping arm that we extend to others…

This is a story about how the Hughes family from Utah helped many Ukrainian families in need and gave them faith in miracles and human kindness!

Nate and Stephanie with their four daughters became benefactors for all these Ukrainian families whose stories you will read below and sent us warm words of support:

«The Hughes family, and so many of their friends and colleagues continue to pray for those affected by war and conflict in Ukraine. We pray for hope and peace to come to all in this most difficult of times. We love you and know that Almighty God loves you, and will provide the much needed help and comfort we all need in our lives when we turn to Him.

It may not come all at once, but showing continued faith, kindness and compassion can go a long way in lifting one another, saying a kind word, or doing a kind act for someone else. That’s what we all can do for one another at this time of conflict. God bless you, our Ukrainian friends!».

From left to right: Jackson Enloe (son-in-law), Ashley (Hughes) Enloe, Kalli Hughes, Nate Hughes, Stephanie Hughes, Franzina Von Haefen (exchange student from Germany), Whitney Hughes, Chelsey Hughes.

Kindness that ignites children’s smiles

Presents for evacuated children

 Children’s dreams

As Christmas and New Year holidays approach, all children dream of presents. They diligently write letters and express their wishes. Some want dolls, others – toy cars… It’s good when such letters reach loving addressees who, as if by magic, make the cherished dreams of their children come true. But so many children’s letters remain unanswered, and without the desired present under the Christmas tree. We are talking about those children who had to get used to explosions, bomb shelters, and new homes because of the war – children who were forced to move to other regions of Ukraine because of constant shelling and active hostilities at home.  

Arina, Valeria, Nazar, Varvara – children who used to live in peace, to dream, to show kindness towards others, and who, after a full-scale Russian invasion, were forced to leave their homes, their native city, and their friends… Their dreams may seem very simple and unpretentious at first glance, but for these children, it is a source of attention, kindness and love.

Help for the children

And now they have all these presents, and experience the joy, all because of the help from Utah! Thanks to the help, these kids have holiday presents and backpacks! Look at their shining eyes – such gifts for these children, deprived so much of their childhood because of the war, are a joy that helps endure difficult times!

To make a special little heart feel happiness and joy, an ordinary adult heart of a caring person is needed. Such people can give such a child a feeling of care and warmth!

Kindness that gives hope

A rehabilitation bike for the boy fighting a serious illness

The story  of courage and struggle

Nikita’s family moved from the Luhansk region, fleeing the war in eastern Ukraine. And now they have to fight a serious illness that befell the boy… 

Five years ago, after their home in Luhansk region was destroyed by bombing, the family settled in a small village in Poltava region. Nikita went to school, played sports, lived an ordinary life of a teenager. And then a terrible diagnosis crossed everything out everything… 

This summer, thanks to the joint efforts of all volunteers, we managed to arrange an operation for the boy in Ukraine: it was impossible to take him abroad, because the operation was needed urgently – a four pound tumor grew very quickly within the boy’s spine, the countdown was not even weeks or days, it was hours… To save the boy, many volunteers and many medical professionals in Ukraine and abroad were involved. Nikita’s family lives in poverty, and the funds for the operation were provided by a charitable foundation.

Help for the family

The 19-year-old boy, desolated by a serious illness and exhausting chemotherapy, now cannot move independently and has a long and difficult path of rehabilitation and recovery ahead of him. But neither exhausting treatment nor poor health could prevent him from believing that many more good people will meet him on the way to recovery!  An expensive rehabilitation exercise bike from the Hughes family for the boy, whose world is currently limited to the four walls of his room, is not just a new hope, but a huge step towards getting back on his feet! Nikita and his family are extremely grateful for the help and are determined to defeat the disease!

Kindness that saves furry lives

Food for abandoned animals that lost their owners because of the war

The “furry” tale

They feel hunger and cold, loneliness, fear and pain, a lot of pain — just like us… There are so many of them on our streets – betrayed, hungry, and scared– abandoned pets whose owners left or were killed because of the war in Ukraine! But our care and help can save the lives of abandoned animals!  

“People understood that the war was going on and they were seeking shelter, but animals did not comprehend this and became the first victims”, – animal volunteers tell us. These volunteers provided aid to their four-legged friends even under fire, and continue to care for them now. “The most difficult task is to find shelter and food for dogs and cats that have become homeless due to the war. It requires a lot of effort and money”.

Help for rescued animals

Every life is important – and that is why animal volunteers and good doers unite and continue to rescue our four-legged friends, thus affirming humanness.

Humanness means understanding the preciousness of every life, even a small and furry one. Humanness results in kind stories about empathy for others and implies caring for others even when you live thousands of miles away.

We thank the generous family from Utah who supported the animal volunteers on their way of care and kindness!

With your help we managed to prepare a winter supply of food for our abandoned animals.   For them, we are an entire world, which just became a little kinder thanks to the warmth of your hearts.

Kindness that supports

Food packages on the holiday table of elderly people who lost their homes

The story of the families

Grandpa Vasyl and Grandma Shura have been together for 57 years. Their neat and pretty home was always filled with love, coziness, and care for each other. The house is no longer there, but care and love remain. This is what keeps the couple going and keeps them from despair.

Their house in the Chernihiv region was destroyed by a Russian shell this spring, and everything they had created and gathered over their many years together was turned into rubble. The hard-working couple is two talented artisans: Grandma Shura іs a great embroideress and Grandpa Vasyl wove baskets. The war destroyed their home, but it didn’t break their spirit. It didn’t take away their humanness, their ability to care about each other and to help others. They still find it difficult to remember their last day at home without tears, but human kindness and help of all those who care helped them feel the ground under their feet!

The life of Antonina from Chernihiv was never easy. Her son is seriously ill; he has a disability, has hardly been able to walk on his own for eight years, and needs constant care and attention. And this spring, in the most terrible period of their lives, when Chernihiv was brutally shelled, their home was destroyed.

Antonina and her disabled son miraculously survived when their home was ruined by a bomb explosion. But she is a strong woman who overcomes difficulties!

«I am happy that I still have the strength to help, – grandma Valya smiles. – I feed the pigeons, because they are alive and, like all of us, they also want to eat… You see how they fly around as if want to thank»
Granny Valia lives alone. But she is not lonely – a lot of stray cats, whom she feeds every day, immediately run to her, when she comes outside, and at home, she gave shelter… to street pigeons! For them, she spares nothing from her modest daily food: she shares bread and cheese, and even peels sunflower seeds to please the birds with goodies! Although grandma Valya lives very modestly, she is full of optimism and desire to help others!

More than a modest life, loneliness, and health problems… But grandma Lyuba, despite all the past and present difficulties, loves people and life, and her kind heart and faith in the best help her to greet the new day! And love and kindness inspire her to feed cats and take care of homeless animals every day!

Help for the families

«The food packages for the holiday table are not just sustenance and necessities for the elderly, it’s a portion of kindness and care! After all the horror we’ve been through, it’s the humaneness that is the most touching, – these families say. – We are very grateful to you for your help with food and caring and sensitive hearts! People with whom we are separated by thousands of miles become our friends, and a common world is reborn from their kindness».

«Every package has not only some goodies and sweets (it is unfortunate, but the elderly can rarely pamper themselves with such things nowadays!). I did not forget to add some of that pleasant and thrilling feeling of care there, – Goodacity volunteer, Oksana, says. – Granny Lyuba moved me to tears when she admitted that she had not eaten such delicious food for 15 years! Time and attention, the feeling that they are needed and not forgotten and help from caring do-gooders — this is what they lack most right now!..»

The warmth of kindness for the victims of war

Gifts for a low-income family with a big heart

«Big-hearted» family story

The Kulijev family is not just a big family, but also a family with a very big heart! A large family living in the Kyiv region, despite the difficult life circumstances, sheltered a couple evacuated from the occupied Luhansk. The couple lost most of their belongings in bombings.

The family’s living conditions are difficult – the couple and their four sons (the youngest is just three years old) live in an old private house with minimal amenities.  The father, Yevhen, works as a locksmith, the mother, Halyna, is a homemaker and keeps a small livestock of several goats. “War is a test of humaneness for all of us, – says Halyna, – and the humaneness manifests in finding the strength to help others, despite all hardships… Yes, we live very poorly, but we had to help those people who lost everything… And we are very grateful to Nate`s family for helping us: good always returns to you!”

Help  for the family

Warm blankets and several sets of bedding went to the Kulijev family – in order to give them a feeling of coziness and care, and provide some hope for a new day that will be filled with the warmth of human kindness!

The above photos of happy children and hopeful adults warm our hearts and make us feel as excited as when we look at Christmas cards!

Many thanks to the Hughes family – you made it all happen with your generosity and your support! You bought presents for these families and warmed them with your kindness.

Thank you! You have made a Christmas miracle happen.