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what is kindness for children

“What is kindness for children? This is what helps us live, believe, and hold on! Kids need to have a holiday and to believe in miracles now more than ever,” Ms. Myroslava insists.

“And we as adults, guide them to a fairy tale, to a magical land where dreams come true. Happy children’s faces give all of us joy and faith for the future!”

what is kindness for children

A village club that unites children

“I work as a manager of the Monastyrets village club in the Khust district of the Zakarpattya region, Ukraine”, Myroslava Yakym says. “Our village is small, but our club is always lively and cheerful. Both children and adults gather here; we hold various performances and events, stage fairy tales, and hold parties. Though funding is insufficient for cultural institutions, as always, we do everything we can to show what kindness is for children! I want kids to have a place to express themselves, to be creative. Every child should have the opportunity to grow! That is why I put all my efforts to improve our club’s work so that it would become a wonderful place for leisure and creative development of children and adults. This is how a small company in the village of Monastyrets does good things for the children and adults of the community.”

“We have various hobby groups in our club: a vocal study club, drama group, Umili Ruky [Skillful Hands] crafting group, and Kazkari [Storytellers] group. About a dozen kids from 8 to 14 years old participate in each of them. You should see how joyful children are while looking forward to our classes, how reverently they ask each time, ‘Will we have classes today?’ We want as many children’s eyes as possible to shine with joy, we want them to have smiles on their faces! Every time I try to interest them in something new. We crafted various handmade decorations, staged fairy tales, spent so many inspiring hours together.

After each class, after each event, I feel changed by working with them. It is a great pleasure watching their genuinely honest emotions, hearing their words of gratitude, and seeing how your knowledge and efforts, together with love for children, bear fruit!”

what is kindness for children

Good things for children for the sake of believing in miracles!

“Wintertime is the most magical time for children, and they expect a miracle more than ever… So the idea of giving children joy on St. Mykolay’s Day appeared naturally,” the woman says. “I really wanted to make a special New Year’s holiday for my pupils because I am going on maternity leave soon, and we will not see each other for a while. We have even started preparing for it, but lacked money for the celebration.”

“The children’s wishes are simple and unpretentious: they would like to have a Christmas tree that they can decorate every year in our club, some toys, and board games. They have been dreaming of puppet theater shows for a long time,so we thought of just purchasing some puppets for it. But we didn’t have the funds to buy all these things…

Tears came to my eyes at the thought that children’s dreams would remain unfulfilled. After all, dreams should come true, and children should believe in fairy tales! And even despite the war and all the difficulties that we are experiencing now, there must be a place for the miracle of a happy childhood.”

what is kindness for children-1

“That is why I am incredibly grateful to the Goodacity space for good things for children. The microgrant made it possible to turn our dreams to reality, hold the celebration, and create a real fairy tale! I wish you could see those shining, amazed eyes of the kids who had presents, so bright and pretty, and enjoyed the celebration! The children were very happy with the sweets, fruits, and board and educational games that were so needed for our leisure! The positive and sunny energy of the festivities turned into a feeling of joy. It was nice to see the delighted eyes of the kids, to hear their happy laughter, and to enjoy them having so much fun. They will remember this celebration for a long time!

…Do you hear the rustle of presents being opened by children? They say, ‘Thank you!’ to their benefactors. Thank you for doing good things!”