Goodacity – Dare to be Good

This was undoubtedly the most touching application for a micro-grant out of all those we received in Goodacity this year because we were approached by a Ukrainian serviceman, one of our defenders. He asked for help not for himself or his unit, currently on a combat mission, but for the children from his village!

The Ukrainian military is not only about protection, but also about care.

They protect us heroically on the front lines, and they worry about the children and our future even from there. Help during the war is important on all fronts!

“My name is Dmytro, I am a serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and I want to help the children and youth from the village of Shepetyn, Ukraine, who often support soldiers with their attention, including my unit.”

“They made postcards, well-wishing drawings, various souvenirs, bracelets, little angels, little birds for us at workshops and classes in the TUR youth space. This motivates us a lot because we understand that we have someone to fight and defend the Motherland for. I would really like to buy those children various materials for creative classes, workshops, and handiwork to support them. We need conscious, smart, creative children, so we have someone to build up Ukraine.”

Our defender sent this incredibly touching and inspiring letter to our space of goodness, and there is so much light, kindness, and care in it! Our soldiers truly are the Warriors of Light!

A microgrant from Goodacity went to Shepetyn in the Rivne region, Ukraine, so that the TUR Youth Space and the scouts of the Smyha Plast branch would have materials for creative work! But the children were more happy to have those gifts brought by Friend Dym himself, as Dmytro had a few days leave from the army to visit home!

“Children's letters are rays of light for the soldiers!”

Dmytro had been a gas station operator, a Plast educator and a volunteer in TUR Youth Space until February 24. With the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion, he volunteered to the army to defend our country, and the man said that he did not see any other way…

“What inspires and gives us strength there, on the front lines? Sincere children’s letters with kind words and wishes, written in a touching rounded handwriting, their drawings, and handmade crafts. All our warriors carry those things with them as their most valuable charms,” the man says. “We also share them with other brigades as there is always a demand for them. These things have astounding energy, they are rays of light in this dark time!

Children’s crafts and drawings make the soul warm, give an incredible feeling that you are loved and missed at home, that there is someone to live, to fight and to win for! These are essential generators of light and warmth you can’t go without at the front, on our difficult frontiers!”

“Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, children from our TUR Youth Space have already written letters, drawn pictures, and made various kinds of crafts to support our military. That’s why I really wanted to motivate them to go on with supporting our defenders! Because their help during the war inspires us and gives us strength!”.

“Our children will grow up in a new, flourishing Ukraine!”

“My wife Halyna is an instructor in the Smyha Plast branch, and I also participated in its various activities with her.”

“Everyday children come together in the premises of the TUR Youth Space in Shepetyn, to chat and play board games, and to participate in Plast classes several times a week. This is a place of inspiration and creativity for kids, they can learn, evolve, and create something here.

“Recently, the children have made their own thank-you cards for the day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, now they are preparing various crafts for St. Nicholas Day and making wax candles… It is both useful and relaxing for children to have somewhere to come after school and something to do, instead of diving into their phones and gadgets. I am happy that we have such an amazing young generation growing up! I planned to travel with kids, to do so many interesting things, but unfortunately, the war interrupted it all… But we will make up for everything, the most important task is to defeat the enemy so our children can grow, blossom, and create a wonderful, renewed country! I believe that we will bring them up in a new, flourishing Ukraine, just believe in the Victory, believe in the Armed Forces!”

Thank you, Mr. Dmytro, for your kind heart and service to the Ukrainian people!