Goodacity – Dare to be Good

The war changed all our lives. We learned to tell apart truly important things from secondary issues, friends from foes, and we also looked at our own home in a new way. This home become much wider than an apartment, a district, or even a hometown. Our home, our comfort zone, is 603.548 square kilometers! This is our whole Ukraine, this incredible and unbreakable country of fantastically brave, strong and kind people!



Vision and mood

“When we lost our home, it felt like we lost the ground under our feet,” Ms. Zhanna from Novoselivka, Chernihiv Oblast, admits.

“But I found solace in thinking that the most valuable things are stored in our hearts, and not within four walls… The most significant thing is that I have someone to hold my hand and someone to lend a helping hand to… We cannot have everything back to the way it was. But we can keep those precious and important things that we have still”.


Step 1. Lost home

“Our Novoselivka was technically razed to the ground by the Russians,” the woman says. “It’s scary to look at the ruined household even now, as surviving houses are rare here, you can count them on your fingers. Almost 147 houses burned down, another 167 were damaged. The language of numbers is emotionless, it cannot describe the calamity that came to every yard, all those stories of loss and pain… 

But these are the stories of our struggle, courage, strength, and us being unbreakable at the same time!”.

“We spent the most terrible first weeks at the end of February and the beginning of March at home. We actively volunteered, bringing food to our soldiers who were defending Chernihiv on the posts, collecting food and warm clothes for them… But it was getting more and more dangerous in Novoselivka, and the soldiers convinced us to leave the house at least for a while, asking: “Leave, it is already too dangerous here”.

“We went to my friend’s house in Chernihiv, although it was not much safer there, the city was also shelled, and shelled hard. There were simply no calm and safe places there. We visited our home in Novoselivka a couple of times in those short and rare intervals between shelling, to get some potatoes and vegetables from the cellar. Then we stopped going there, because it was a real hell, and one day our neighbors called us and said: “You can stop coming for potatoes, your house is gone.” These words just knocked me off my feet…”.

“The first days were full of tears and despair; my soul was hurting. This house was not just walls, roof, and furniture. It was full of our memories; it was our path that we have traveled as a family. It was our dream, that we cherished for a long time and worked very hard for it. My husband and I dreamed of our own home all our lives, so we built it together and put so much soul and work into it. The house was only three years old, still brand new. It is so unusual to say “was”… But when we came to the ruins of the house, some joyful news was also waiting for us”.


Step 2. We will be reborn stronger!

“We couldn’t take our cat Ryzhyk with us leaving as he got scared of shelling and ran away, and we couldn’t find him… I was very worried about him, but it turned out that he hid in a neighbor’s house. That house also burned down, but the basement survived and saved the cat’s life. When Ryzhyk heard our voices in the yard and ran to me and my husband, I cried at the ruins of our house for the first time not out of despair, but out of joy! Life is the most precious thing!”.

“And then we took clearing away the rubble, clearing the yard, planting a vegetable garden. When you are busy with work, you have no chance to lose spirit. Especially when you have help from caring people: we thank the Goodacity space for some necessary things that we couldn’t do without, making ourselves comfortable for life and work in the household where basically nothing left… People are now rebuilding little by little, some at their own expense, some with the help of volunteers or the state. I feel that if we work together like this, uniting the whole country, we will quickly rebuild everything!”.

“The old-timers of the village, who still remembered the Second World War, said that Novoselivka had been basically destroyed then too as the “gateway” to Chernihiv. This spring, the Russian occupiers reached only the beginning of the village and could not go any further. The fiercest line of defense was here, and our soldiers saved not only Chernihiv but Kyiv as well with their incredible heroism! We all took this hit together. Together, we will rebuild every house and street, we will plant new trees and flower beds instead of mutilated by Russian shells. The occupiers ruined our houses and our property, but they will not destroy us. They will not destroy our will, our hands, our knowledge, our souls, and the ability to connect and help each other”.



Time to sum it up

There is nothing more precious than the people around us! Only together will we have enough strength and inspiration to rebuild our country and our homes, to restore and organize everything that was destroyed. We will rebuild and will be reborn stronger, keeping this spirit of unity and kindness!

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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