Goodacity – Dare to be Good

The chain of kindness in action is when you help others despite being hard-pressed yourself, without expecting anything in return. You help those who cannot take care of themselves, and destiny, in return, brings you together with good people who help you.



Vision and mood

“In dark times, the whole world relies on bright people,” Ms. Nadiya from Chernihiv says. “Let’s be like that, for ourselves and for others! Our main task is not to let our own light go out, despite all the trials we have endured.”

“How to overcome the darkness in your own life? Share your light with others! When your life is hard, you feel relief from your own troubles in helping others — I saw this from my own experience,” Ms. Nadiya says. “Though my health is very poor, and I have a disability, my active nature always urges me not to sit still, to do something, and to help whenever I see a chance to change the world for the better.”

Despite her serious health problems and constant need for expensive medicines, the woman takes care of almost forty cats rescued from the street and shelters them in her apartment!


Step 1. Caring

“Having thirty-eight cats and several dogs in an ordinary city apartment on the eighth floor is my way of showing people that everyone can help!” the woman says.

“You don’t need huge funds and special conditions for this, just caring is enough. People often don’t understand me; “What is there in it for you, it’s a lot of trouble, and you have so many concerns yourself?” they ask. But if people live by love and kindness in their heart, they simply can’t have it any other way.”

“I remember how I was going to the Maidan in Kyiv back in 2014, and when I got home, stray dogs always met me by the house. I arrived late at night, and they were waiting for me, ran to meet me. It moved me to tears, so I got home and cooked some gruel for them, no matter how late. I already had about a dozen cats at home, but then Bilochka, the rescue dog, appeared. Since then, I can’t pass by a single poor and unfortunate creature on the street.”

“Foremost, I take home those animals that were once pets, as they simply will not survive on the street. When they are safe, fed, and cared for in the apartment, they sometimes sleep for several days in a row because they no longer need to be afraid here.”


Step 2. You are the whole world to someone

“And how my kittens huddled close to me during the shelling, how desperately they sought salvation and protection!” Ms. Nadia recalls the terrible events of this spring. “We had been living in hell for almost a month during the siege of Chernihiv. The city was shelled brutally; the sounds of air raid sirens, the piercing whistle of shells, and explosions nearby were constant. 

We lived through the worst shelling on the eighth floor with my fluffy team. Sometimes it was all whistling and crashing around, shells literally flew overhead, and I ran to the yard because I still had to feed stray animals there. When a passer-by saw this, he was moved to tears and said, “We are unique indeed! Our Ukrainian woman thinks about feeding cats and dogs even under fire, and nothing scares her!”

“Food was very scarce, and there was no water supply, so I carried five-liter barrels of water to the eighth floor myself. My friend eventually called me, pleading, “Get out of Chernihiv; it is so terrible. Come to us.” And I could only answer, “What is wrong with you? How can I leave my kitties?!” I can’t imagine leaving someone for whom you are the whole world and who has no chance to survive without you.”



Time to sum it up

“Feeding forty cats, taking care of them, cleaning up after them is difficult, especially with my health issues. Sometimes people with my diagnosis can’t even walk; they lie in bed all the time,” the woman says.

“However, realizing that my pets need me keeps me on my feet. They just can’t do without me! I’m grateful to Goodacity for the life-saving medicines. This is what gives me the strength to live and continue to do good! The realization that I am not alone on this path of kindness inspires me to keep on burning with the light of faith, hope, and love!”

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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