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A joyful path in life

Have you ever felt the urge to find your own path in life? Or maybe you are still searching for your purpose? It is always difficult to identify where your abilities and talents lie, but we know how to reveal your potential! A true teacher will come to you on this trail of good and will show you what could make you happier.

Creativity is the basis of the Universe's existence, and we are sure that art possesses a supreme power because a person's inner world, hidden strength, and worldview are revealed through their creative work.
— the Goodacity team


Vision and Passion

Goodacity volunteers always have something to tell you, as the trails of good are unpredictable and full of bright emotions! For example, do you know how to find your way in life? An answer to this question is always vital. And our team knows one of the most remarkable ways a person can live up to their true potential. So even when it seems to you that your life has no purpose, you can try it! The trail of good often takes some exciting turns.

Take a closer look at the world around you! Each of us can experience the feeling that gives wings, lightness, joy, and a sense of fulfillment. Soaring above a mundane life, seeing the world from another angle, inventing something new — it is all the process of creation! Therefore, art is the very thing that can reveal someone’s hidden talents and abilities.


Step 1. The idea

We love art in all its forms! Painting, singing, dancing, sculpture, embroidery — anything in this field can inspire and impress! So, what about involving children in creative activities? It would be so lovely to instill those little souls with an impulse to explore the brighter side of life, to a desire to be kinder. Creative activities can ignite the fire of curiosity in children and give them a flight of imagination and immense energy!

Children are like fledglings that adults teach to live independently in the world. Parents always try to provide their fledglings with the best start in life, bringing them up with a love of beauty and spiritual values. And later, these young birds will fly from their nest with their own personalities and world views. That is why the Goodacity team is so inspired to walk the trails of good that combine creativity, love, and good deeds for children!


Step 2. The craftswoman

So, who lights this creative fire? We know people who become “lighters,” not only for children but adults too! Meet Nataliya Boyko. Working with clay, she is an artist and toymaker. She has a very creative personality and puts a lot of energy into her work! And, of course, passing her knowledge on to the kids makes Nataliya blissfully happy. Love of beauty and desire to do a good deed for children complement one another.

Nataliya Boyko was the perfect teacher and guide to reveal a child’s best qualities.

Thus, our artist helped to awaken the creative potential in children’s hearts, like a bird that brings forth spring blossoms!

Where does the understanding of your personality start? It comes with the process of creation.

Children are especially responsive to the creative process. Their hearts and souls are in constant search of this creative power. And in my opinion, it can find its best realization through contact with the medium of clay. It is nice to have caring people surrounding us in our difficult times, those altruists who understand this essence of life and support children’s desire to remain in contact with their mentor. Because if there are students, the teacher will come to them!
Natalia Boyko
Artist, and craftswoman of clay sculptures

Step 3. Searching for premises

Nataliya herself found the premises for such an important event. We were happy to learn that it would be Oles Honchar Family Reading Library. Furthermore, it was a pleasant revelation that the library administration supported our charity goal. A library hall suits a creative class beautifully. But which children should be invited to a free workshop? The decision came naturally: to encourage schoolchildren to participate in artistic endeavors, we chose Kyiv Boarding School No. 13, located not far from the library. Several dozen schoolchildren gladly signed up for the workshop and looked forward to this day.

Workshops for children are so special. Oh, their smiles, their joy, and this new experience! And the emotions double in case of charity events! Because we open the door to an incredible world of art that is new for them.
— Iryna,
a Goodacity space volunteer

Step 4. The photographer

And we could not do without some photos to remember this joyous occasion; it’s always a good idea to capture such precious memories! So, we posted an announcement on the page of a Facebook group for photographers: we were looking for people ready to take pictures of children for free to preserve these moments in time, so to speak.

Although, to be honest, deep down, we doubted that we would quickly locate a photographer for our charity event. 

But… If you remember, we walk along the trails of good where various miracles often occur? Tetyana responded to our call.   

She turned out to be a charming girl who cared for children greatly. On the day of the workshop, Tanya voluntarily spent a lot of time with the children, although she could have spent it enjoying herself, for example, sitting in a cafe with friends. Instead, she chose to spend her precious time on a good and noble cause!

For me, photographing children is a real pleasure! Their eyes, their smiles, and their facial expressions. The way they behave in front of the camera – it was such an interesting and well-spent day with the children!
Tatyana Rupa,
a kind photographer

Step 5. The workshop

The children were so happy about the workshop! They showed each other their hands in clay, laughed wholeheartedly, and were meticulous in molding the birds’ wings and beaks. Such workshops give children not only an exciting experience but also allow them to engage in communication with their peers.

They love doing activities together and showing off their results to each other. Children communicate through emotions, and providing them with positive emotions is so easy. 

Our team, together with wonderful Nataliya and Tetyana, did something special for these children, something they will definitely remember! 

And maybe some of them would have awakened an urge to pursue art and sculpting; perhaps some of those children would have taken the first steps along their creative path.

Every person is born with a drive for light and goodness. So, when Goodacity asked me to hold a workshop for students of Boarding School No.13, I happily agreed. It is the Goodacity Project that enables and supports this good deed. Thank you with all my heart!
— Natalia Boyko


Time to sum up

It is worth learning to do good deeds and gaining inspiration from the kind people around you. And if the good and love for people attract you, you should nurture that attraction. In doing so, you will find like-minded people, friends by interest, and be confident they will join you on the trail of good. Of course, being kind, sincere, and compassionate is an art. But let’s face it, we all have some talents that we can share for the common good of the world.

Our clay bird of happiness came flying into the hearts of each participant of this charity story. Like a spring sun, it brought warmth, hope, love, and a fresh breath of creative energy. It sang us a song of happiness and kindness! The workshop initiative turned out to be extremely fulfilling for me! This is exactly the case when you give — and receive much more in return! The impressive energy of Nataliya, the craftswoman, and the kind-heartedness of Tanya, the photographer, strengthened my faith in good people.
— Oksana,
the Goodacity space volunteer

Weighing the results

Sometimes we want to learn something new. So we start buying courses and workshops, sometimes just because they are on sale or because it is trendy. But what if purchasing a subscription to some course or another, you instead thought:

“Maybe I can teach the next generation something?”



On the one hand — another workshop that may not be at all beneficial to you.

On the other hand — a creative workshop for school children that inspires them to grow. A trail of good united by art and the desire to do good.

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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