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Bright people in dark times

Each one can calm you down, relieve stress, make you cozy, bring harmony into your life, make you smile, improve your mood, warm you, and even heal your soul. Each of you can give them shelter, love, protect, and care for them. Homeless animals wait for it and sincerely believe that bright people will notice them in these dark times.



Vision and mood

Homeless animals detect caring souls in those people who cannot pass them by without helping them. The characters of this article are convinced that animals are love! And love has no pedigree; only a kind soul is needed.”

The stories of three Chernihiv animal volunteers and the three rescued cats may differ, but they have one thing in common: caring hearts and a happy ending.


Step 1. A chance for life

This sick and abandoned kitten had little chance of survival. However, thanks to the caring heart of an animal volunteer, Anna, and the help of Goodacity, it has an opportunity for a happy, fulfilled life!

“If you feel you can help in any way — help!” I heard this phrase a long time ago and took it as my motto in life,” Anna says. “This little one had only my support. I understood all the risks… But I did not back down and decided to fight for the life of this small, abandoned ball of fur.”

“It’s important not to give up, even if everyone around you says, “Nothing will work, don’t waste your time, you can’t do anything, it is doomed, just deal with it.” Even if your hands are trembling because you are giving injections to a small kitten for the first time in your life. Even when the chances of saving the animal are few, your possibilities are far from limitless.”

“I could never pass by a homeless animal on the street; I always fed stray fluffy ones. Life is especially tough for them right now, and many abandoned pets continue to appear on the streets. So when somebody left as many as four kittens on my doorstep, and one of them was seriously ill, I did not know how to cope with this because I also have my own team of cats and dogs at home. 

However, the world stands on good people and caring hearts! I’m really grateful to the Goodacity team for the opportunity to perform surgery on the ill kitten. He is recovering and gaining weight well, which makes me incredibly happy! The attitude towards our furry friends is a sort of litmus test for us as humans. In my opinion, the best way to know a person is to see how they behave with animals. We all should not be indifferent! Helping animals is easy; it is enough to pay attention and not pass by when someone needs help. Love, care for others, do good, and you will be loved and happy!”


Step 2. To help, not only sympathize!

Ms. Natalya from Chernihiv, Ukraine, is an animal volunteer with several dozen rescued and adopted animals and lots of fluffy ones that she feeds and takes care of every day. However, the woman modestly admits that “the number of rescued and adopted animals does not really matter; the most important thing is to help them without counting.”

“You understand that all the worries, all the troubles, and the work add up to a saved life,” Ms. Natalya says. “It inspires and gives strength to move on; even when your hands are tied, you face human cruelty, indifference, and misunderstanding.

But when you look into the eyes of a rescued animal, you understand that it is forever in your heart, and you are responsible for it.”

“Joy alternates with the bitter losses that hurt unbearably when you take everything close to heart. But when you understand that a life depends on your action or inaction, you pull yourself together and go on.”

“It’s good that you meet caring people with big hearts on this path. I thank the Goodacity volunteers for helping treat a cat rescued from the street. Your project helps people feel responsible for an animal’s health and life.”

“It is essential that people not only sympathize, not only wait for someone to do all the work, but also take part in saving animals. It always enriches them.”


Step 3. Saving one life, you save the world!

“Sometimes we have to save animals not from the war or life on the street, but from human cruelty and indifference,” Olga, a volunteer from Chernihiv, says. She saved Sima the cat from his neglectful owners. “I feed stray animals in my yard,” the girl says. “So, when I saw this poor thing, the cat was severely neglected. It was obvious that he had been beaten at home, so he needed surgery as his injuries could be fatal if left untreated any longer.”

“We went through a long and difficult path of expensive treatment. We were worried because we didn’t know until the end whether Sima would survive the operation or not.

Fortunately, everything is fine now! It is such a joy to see a little life saved by you! I believe that by saving one life, you can save the whole world!”

“We thank Goodacity for help with payments for the cat’s treatment because my place of work was destroyed during the brutal shelling of the city, and I lost my job. We actually didn’t leave the city during this most difficult time because we would never leave our four cats alone. Caring for those who cannot care for themselves is all about our humanity and responsibility. Although four of my fluffy ones did not accept the new “family member” at once, they all are bosom friends now!”

“They usually say people change their lives by taking a dog or cat from the street. However, those who once found their pet in this way admit that, instead, these fluffy friends change their everyday life and themselves as well.”

“Our four-legged friends really need our help and support, and it is not just about pity. On the contrary, I gain positive emotions from helping them. I believe they should be taken home not because they are unhappy but because they are wonderful and incredible and will make their new person’s life happier through their devotion and love!”

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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