Goodacity – Dare to be Good

Since childhood, we all know that being kind always pays back; we learn it from stories and fairy tales, from what parents and teachers tell us. But how does this happen in practice? The real cycle of good deeds in our life starts when the good that comes from one heart finds a response in other hearts! 

Rescuing homeless animals, you not only help those who cannot take care of themselves, you also throw a boomerang of good and make this world a little better! And if you are kind, other people will certainly respond to your kindness and help you when you need it. Kindness saves, and it can always be shared with others!



Vision and mood

“Lyalya weighed one and a half kilograms when we took her… Today, she is seven and a half kilograms of happiness! When my daughter brought this dog from Kyiv five years ago, Lyalya was very thin and neglected, and we were nursing her diligently for quite a long time”.

“This is not the first special needs animal in our house; we had a blind dog without most of its teeth, and a cat that was simply left by the owners after they left the house. All of them were foundlings, without kith and kin; some were deliberately thrown out to die, some were left behind because of some hopeless situation, and we really wanted to give them a chance to believe in human kindness once again…”.

Each of these animals is waiting for a second chance, but it is not a chance given to them, but the one they actually give us.
— Iryna,
an animal volunteer

Four cats, three dogs and the caring heart of a person who cannot pass by a stray animal… Ms. Iryna from Snovsk, Chernihiv region, takes care of animals that require some attention and care.  

“Animals are always something like a litmus paper for us humans, and our attitude towards those who cannot take care of themselves and ask for help tells everything about us!” Ms. Iryna says. “We want our world to become a little kinder. You know, as Charlie Chaplin said: “He who feeds a hungry animal, feeds his own soul…”.


Step 1. Lyalya

Volunteering is a difficult and troublesome business, but this woman cannot imagine her life without it. Moreover, it gets easier to do good when relatives and close people support you, when caring people come to you.

“My daughter Maryna is just as kind-hearted as I am,” Ms. Iryna laughs. “She feeds and neuters street animals, we inspire and support each other in this matter. I am glad that I have quite a lot of like-minded people in this field, lots of active animal volunteers who care about homeless animals. 

It was the most difficult for us this spring when the city was shelled hard by Russian troops and even was occupied for some time. 

It was extremely difficult for us, humans, we had basically no food… We all shared what we could in order to survive, but did not forget about our fluffy friends. And when the war went away from Snovsk, our Lyalya fell seriously ill…”.


Step 2. The kindness is back!

“At first, Lyalya was given the wrong diagnosis, it complicated the treatment and almost led to a tragic end. We spent so much money and energy to save her! We were in very difficult circumstances as fuel was hard to find, and we didn’t have a lot of money either, but still we took Lyalya to Chernihiv every day to have some infusions. However, it was getting more and more difficult…”.

“Natalya Vlasenko, Chernihiv animal volunteer, whom we met while rescuing the cat Dona, told me about the Goodacity space and I decided to ask for help in treating Lyalya”.

“Iryna is an incredible person, it is hard not to be impressed by the way she loves animals and cares about them,” Ms. Natalya says. “I myself take care of furry homeless ones and look for new owners for them. I had six cats at home, so I did not leave the city even during the most brutal shelling, just not to leave them alone… I take every story of a rescued animal close to my heart, that is why I was happy to find out that Lyalya got a chance to be saved”.

I would say that an animal volunteer is a person who is eager to help both an animal and another person. After all, we feel the pain and troubles of others, even those who cannot tell about it themselves.
— Natalya,
an animal volunteer

“We were lucky to find an excellent veterinary clinic and to have the help of the good people from Goodacity,” Ms. Iryna says. “We are hugely grateful to the volunteers of the space of goodness for their help with paying for Lyalya’s treatment! She had a surgery, and thanks to the competence of the doctors and the good heart of the Goodacity volunteers, she got a chance to live without pain”.



Time to sum it up

So much good energy among complete strangers! Actually, that is exactly how kindness works. It has a habit of coming back to you. Remember this law and be kind to yourself, to other people and to animals!

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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