Goodacity – Dare to be Good

Love, care, mutual assistance, and friendship light our way even in the darkest times. We live hand in hand, little palm in palm, with a cat’s or a dog’s paw moving touch as if in gratitude for protection these last anxious months. It’s always easier together!



Vision and mood

Nowadays, we all help each other: people help our fluffy friends, benefactors help animal volunteers, whose possibilities are far from unlimited, and the animals that we save with our joint efforts help us all heal the wounds of war... Even in times of war trials, people should not lose their souls’ light. Caring for someone, we support this spirit of love and empathy. With that spirit, we will win!
— Olena,
an animal volunteer

Step 1. Home for Lisa

Giving love and care to an animal that until recently was abandoned and homeless means changing the whole world for it and for yourself.

“If you pay attention to stray animals on the street, you will always help them,” Ms. Olena from Chernihiv says.

“Some you will feed regularly; some will need medical assistance, and you will have no chance to pass by; you will find a new loving family for some fluffy ones or will become this family yourself”.

“This is what happened to us with Lisa the cat, who was dumped off by our house last year, so she was living with us ever since. Moreover, despite her freedom-loving nature (our Lisa for sure can be called the cat that walks by herself!), she made friends with our numerous pets! Our dog Rocky, who was usually giving cats the cold shoulder, got along with Lisa so much that they became bosom friends! He always chased other cats out of the yard, but not only accepted her — they ate from one bowl, Lisa slept in his kennel in winter, and she also liked to lie on top of Rocky, curled up in a ball”.


Step 2. True friendship

“Rocky also has a difficult fate,” Ms. Olena says.

“We took him away from the war in the east of Ukraine and brought him to Chernihiv. And this spring, the war caught him and all of us here… Calling it horrible would be an understatement. Lisa, apparently, got scared by the shelling and disappeared for a while, we worried so much about her, were looking for her, and when she was found, it turned out that the kitty had a seriously injured paw. The vets said that it needed to be amputated as soon as possible, in order to avoid sepsis…

We had serious financial troubles, and we were so grateful to the good people of the Goodacity who helped to pay for the operation. We were worried how the kitty would adapt after losing her paw, but Lisa turned out a real fighter! The stitches have already been removed, the wounds have healed, the kitty is actively running on three legs and living a full life! She is especially pleased to have her faithful friend Rocky by her side, as always!”.



Time to sum it up

“I want our story to inspire other people not only to help homeless animals, but also not to be afraid to take home a cat or dog with a disability,” the woman says.

“Because no physical defects will prevent them from being loyal friends and having a fulfilling life with a caring owner! Lisa lacks one leg, but fortunately she always has those who are ready to give her a helping hand!”.

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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