Goodacity – Dare to be Good

Everyday heroism, big and small, is what we, Ukrainians, are up to! It seems that nowadays there is no person who is not involved in one way or another in helping the army, refugees, victims of war or people who cannot take care of themselves. Some people pool their money to buy necessary things for the front, others gather to rebuild someone’s house destroyed by an explosion or to rescue cats from cities ruined by shelling… Painstaking selfless work of each person is behind the scenes of this large-scale phenomenon! “Big things are composed of our small daily actions,” says volunteer Maryna from Chernihiv, who organized the weaving of camouflage nets for the front.



Vision and mood

Thin children’s fingers, elderly hands, graceful women’s hands, and men’s hands coarse from hard work — all of them weave this volunteer net, ribbon by ribbon… Every ribbon and every knot are made with hope and love! Some people give their shirts, some donate money for fabric and paint, some else help by manually weaving nets… And it occurred to me that the whole of our Ukraine is a similar huge canvas today, where all those who care weave their contribution to our common Victory, thread by thread!


Step 1. Wings for guardian angels

“Since the beginning of the war, many people have mastered a new volunteer “profession”,” Maryna says. “Artists, teachers, IT people, engineers — we all became volunteers and do what is needed right now.”

Each of us wants to be useful, each of us dreams of victory and peace, and for this, people spare no costs, time and effort, they do what they can, everyone is their place.
— Maryna,

“February 24 was the day that divided life into “before” and “after” parts… First there was shock, then the most terrible weeks of our lives came, spent in the basement hiding from constant shelling; and even a short period of evacuation abroad with my children when I was dying to come back home…

So, when I returned to my native Chernihiv, I took up volunteering, covering the most urgent needs of the soldiers, and then we were asked to weave one camouflage net.

My husband is a design engineer, he is used to thinking on a large scale, so he immediately says: 

“Why only one? We have a spacious house, let’s make a frame, let’s weave nets, and let everyone willing to come and weave with us”.

It’s said and done; we made the frames and started working! I am so grateful to my loved one for his help and support, as well as to all friends and people who started coming and weaving nets with us! Even half an hour of such work per day is important when we are united and consolidated! Such inspiring activity attracts incredibly inspired people; even three- and five-year-old kids weave nets with us, and tears well up in your eyes when you watch it…

I am happy that there are such people, and that there are so many of them! I believe that it is now our duty to help, and we are doing our little thing, putting our soul and energy into it. We say that we weave wings for our guardian angels. Our soldiers are our guardian angels, and we weave wings to cover and hide from the enemy their equipment and trenches, their lives…”.


Step 2. Those who weave Victory

“Weaving nets is our main volunteer activity, but despite that, I still try to cover many other needs of our defenders: now I am raising funds for a car for the military, and we have bought the necessary optics and uniforms before…

Now I live by the motto, “Each of us should do everything we can and a bit more!”.

“In the two months that we have been weaving nets, almost fifty “wings” have already been made for our defenders, and all of them have already gone to where they are most needed now — to the combat spots of Eastern and Southern Ukraine, and for defenders of our region borders. 

We weave nets of different sizes; some for trenches, others for machinery such as tanks and artillery and cars”. 

“Weaving nets has many important technical nuances, there are various weaving techniques, the net must be strong, but not too heavy, and most importantly it must camouflage reliably. All these nuances should be considered, and we have already mastered this science in two months!”.

“Everyone weaves nets in our family! My husband’s parents live close, so they cut fabric into ribbons for us, and me, my husband and our two children weave nets, cut and dye fabric, take orders from the military for new nets… At first, we were cutting strips from various clothes gathered all over the place from different people, but it was not always convenient, and we wanted to have the best quality. So we switched to bedclothes instead, which we dye with special paint in camouflage colors. This is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive activity, so we thank everyone who helps us, and the volunteers from the Goodacity as well. Each person weaves their contribution to our Victory with their knots and ribbons!”.



Time to sum it up

We are strong when we are together! Even in the most difficult times, we act as one coordinated mechanism, we unite and support each other. And this way everyone is weaving Victory, kids and adults, thread by thread!

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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