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Olha Sahal
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Olha Sahal
Written by Olha Sahal
Technical Writer at United Thinkers

I am the author of the Goodacity blog, a journalist, and a translator. For 16 years, I have worked in professional journalism, contributing to regional and national publications, both in print and online media. I have written reports, conducted interviews, reviews, articles on cultural, social, and charitable topics, as well as materials in the style of "solution journalism" and communication materials.
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Yulia Didyk
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Yulia Didyk
Reviewed by Yulia Didyk
Culture Manager at United Thinkers

I am a manager of cultural affairs and a project manager with over 14 years of experience at United Thinkers. I have participated in the organization of numerous successful social and charitable projects and have implemented informational campaigns and communication cases.
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Doing good is important in these challenging times

doing good-1

Doing good means supporting others even when you feel helpless, even when it seems that there is no hope. It is highly important for people to know and feel that they are not alone in times of turmoil!

It can be enough feeling the kindness of the human soul to break through the fog and see the light that will make us feel warm. Knowing that we are not alone in our troubles supports us and gives us hope!

Doing good

When a rift passes through your life

“They say that the most precious light is the one that visits us in our darkest moments. Doing good is indispensable for me, and I would like to give a ray of hope to my colleague, a professional teacher and a wonderful friend,” Ms. Natalya told the Goodacity space of good.

“Volodymyr Pravnyk, a PE teacher from the Rivne region, Ukraine, needs treatment and rehabilitation. This young, active, cheerful, and kind man has been bedridden for more than a year… Volodymyr is our colleague,” Mrs. Natalya says. “He has been working at the Lyutynsk Gymnasium of the Dubrovytsia Town Council for two decades, since the beginning of his career.”

“Two years ago, his life was entirely different. He had the job he loved (students of Volodymyr Vasyliovych even participated in the All-Ukrainian soccer competitions!), he has a family, home, and plans for the future. He had it all up to that terrible moment that divided his life into the before and after parts. The sudden illness had severe consequences, and now the man requires help to continue the post hypoxic encephalopathy treatment and rehabilitation. Volodymyr was in a coma for almost a month…”

“He is one of a thousand to overcome bilateral aspiration pneumonia, thanks to his faith, perseverance, the strength of his loved ones’ spirit, sincere prayers of his friends, and his youthful, athletic, and victorious zeal. During this time, Volodymyr’s fight with the illness was very successful: he came out of the coma, overcame pneumonia, tried to speak again, and even could answer simple questions.”

“Unfortunately, because of the war that messed with his treatment and rehabilitation, the man is still bedridden. But his significant other, Oksana, this incredibly strong and courageous woman, does not give up. She has faith and is doing everything possible to put him back on his feet. Volodymyr found happiness in his family  a year before the tragedy; Oksana is also a teacher and our colleague. Nowadays, it is very difficult for her to take care of two men she loves deeply (her 22-year-old son Vadym has a severe form of cerebral palsy, he cannot walk), but she bravely fights these difficulties…”

Doing good

Not to be alone with the trouble

“All the family’s money is now spent on Volodymyr’s treatment and rehabilitation that can give him a chance for a fulfilling life, but it is so costly,” Ms. Natalya says. “One day in the rehabilitation center costs from one to two thousand hryvnia or more, and the resources of the family have long run out… But Oksana does not give up, she grabs every chance to provide treatment and rehabilitation for her beloved husband. The money for paying these bills was gathered bit by bit, thanks to relatives, friends, and colleagues.”

“We, the entire teaching staff of the gymnasium, have been helping our colleagues multiple times, unfortunately our opportunities are limited. All educators are now actively involved in volunteering projects that provide help to Ukrainians during the war. Our village is small, it has a population of about a thousand people, and more than a hundred of our boys are currently in the ranks of the Armed Forces, so we all are actively involved in helping our defenders.”

“Today our gymnasium is both a volunteer center and a center of life in our small village of Lyutynsk, Ukraine. We weave camouflage nets, make varenyky together and send them to the boys at the front lines together with sweets and warm clothes. With the joint efforts of everyone who cares, we have purchased two thermal imagers and a drone for our villagers who are now on the front line, near Bakhmut, Ukraine; we are collecting funds for a car for a graduate of our school who is currently in the army… Each of us is capable of doing good! We are grateful to Goodacity for the help with Volodymyr’s treatment! This is a great amount of support for his loved ones, both as a chance to continue his rehabilitation, and as a feeling that they are not alone with their troubles and their misfortune.”

“The light is all the people who stay close even in the darkest moments. And even when the darkness around seems impenetrable, doing good can warm and illuminate the path of other people’s life with your fire. Let’s hold the line together, with thanks to the benefactors!”