Goodacity – Dare to be Good

What do children dream about on New Year’s Eve? New plushies and gadgets, toy cars, and construction toys. Seven-year-old Hlib from a village in the Chernihiv region dreams of… a desk. Yes, he dreams of an ordinary desk at which he could do his homework in the evening after school or draw, sculpt from plasticine, or play with his younger brother Timofiyko. This dream is so simple and humble, and it is even more difficult for the boys’ mother to realize that the family’s less than modest budget does not have enough funds to make it come true.

“Charge the batteries” by making children's dreams come true!

What could be better than happy smiles on children’s faces? Those smiles of the children who are so happy to see a new thing in their room and tell Mykolay’s helpers what they will do at the new desk, constantly interrupting each other! It is unforgettable being next to a child whose dream comes true, these emotions change the ambience! By making children’s dreams come true, we ourselves become happier, charge our internal batteries with power and inspiration!

“I am so grateful to Goodacity for their attention, care, good mood and a desk for children!” Boys’ mother Natalya does not hold back her emotions. “This help during the war was vital for us because it is all about the development of the child. Hlib just started school; first he studied online, then in-person studies began. He really liked school, everything was interesting for him, but he didn’t have a place to do his homework or to just write and draw… He really, really needed a desk. And now both my sons are so happy to draw and play with it! This thing, so simple and often taken for granted, was an unattainable dream for us, and it became a great joy to receive it as a present! The children experienced a lot of grief and stress this terrible spring, so I would like for them to finally smile and play carefree.”

“May all children have their childhood again...”

“We lived at home with the little ones through all the most difficult events in the spring,” the woman says. “There was shelling that caused significant destruction in the village. We were sitting in the cellar for days, during which the most terrible part of the occupation passed us by: the military had blown up the bridge on their approach to the village. At first, the children listened to the rapidly approaching sounds of the bombings and asked, “Mom, is that thunder?” But later when the shelling came closer to us and there was even shrapnel flying in our yard, they soon learned to get dressed quickly and run to the cellar. It hurt my heart to watch my son running to me and calling, “Hurry up Mom, they are shooting…” We all experienced huge shock and stress… That’s why the help during the war, these manifestations of human kindness are so valuable to us because they change the lives of children for the better, it makes them believe in miracles and hope for a brighter future!”

While Mykolay’s helpers were setting the table, we asked the boys about their most dearest wishes. They didn’t say anything about toy cars or Legos, instead they said with serious faces, “For the war to end, and for us to win.”

…Saying goodbye, we will also make a wish. May the new year bring us Victory! May all children have their childhood again. And may they desire plushies, toy cars and other children’s joys when asked about the presents. And may their eyes shine with happiness!