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charity during the war

Charity during the war is an incredibly important source of aid for those who have suffered from the conflict and are in need of help. Still think you can’t do anything to help? Just look at these children! They are a testament to the fact that anyone, regardless of age, skills, or abilities, can help bring our victory closer. There is no task too small for our great Victory!

charity during the war

Buy children's products give warmth to the Ukrainian Armed Forces!

Even though they are so small, they are already volunteers! Students of the Odessa Gymnasium “European” decided to join the Warm Wave campaign and give warmth to our defenders.

“I am proud of our wonderful students: they are creating the future of Ukraine! They volunteer, donate to the army, and bring our Victory closer, with all they can – their drawings, handmade products, their activity and concern,” says the school teacher and organizer Katerina Pliokhova. “Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, our gymnasium, like other institutions in Odessa, Ukraine, have been holding the educational front and helping the actual front: we have carried out a number of charity events to support and write letters to the military, which we put in boxes with donations. We are providing charitable assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and together we are helping during the war – it is the responsibility of every Ukrainian!

Our gymnasium students decided to warm our defenders with the warmth of their help, and set about implementing their idea into reality. “We buy products – we give warmth to the Ukrainian Armed Forces!” – that was the slogan of the charity fair “Warm Wave” that we held at our school.”

Preparing for the fair, I saw a post on social media about a microgrant from the Goodacity space of kindness. Your words about miracles happening even in difficult times pleasantly surprised me. Moreover, now we all need miracles more than ever! I thought – when the delicate children’s fingers lovingly create something, and then this thing can become warmth for a soldier protecting this child and all of us – isn’t that a miracle? A miracle that we all create with our own hands!

charity during the war-1

With the funds from the microgrant, we bought beads which the children used for many of the products in the charity fair. We bought and sold, and collected a considerable sum to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine! What did we sell? Children’s crafts, paintings, jewelry, decorative items, Christmas and New Year’s accessories, drawings, and postcards… Who prepared the crafts? The lyceum students, parents, and our teachers! The Student Parliament of the lyceum prepared a show program in the style of “Karaoke on the Maidan” – the children sang and danced, enjoyed tasty gingerbread, shopped at the fair, and smiled sincerely!

And the most pleasant thing – charity for the army! With the funds collected from two such fairs – one in autumn and one in winter – we managed to purchase and hand over sleeping bags for our Heroes, as well as diesel generators and two chainsaws. Also – the students wrote sincere words of gratitude on a Ukrainian Flag, purchased warm scarves, and made a Christmas tree from warm socks. The youngest students created drawings that deeply moved our Defenders. The children were incredibly happy with the photos from our Heroes with the drawings and warmth they had given!

charity during the war

There are no small tasks when it comes to victory

“Children see the army’s aid every day, and it has become an organic part of their lives,” says Mrs. Katerina. “They are very happy and inspired when they participate in useful tasks – and there are so many of them at our lyceum!”

“There are no small tasks when it comes to victory, and nothing is insignificant. Every contribution is important,” says the woman. “I explain to the children that volunteering does not mean sitting and waiting for everything to be resolved by itself, but instead doing something little by little for our common Victory. Someone draws pictures, someone weaves bracelets, someone makes cards or sings songs. Everyone does what they can to help – that’s our charity during the war. Our children volunteer as best as they can, creating an invincible children’s volunteer front.”

I am very happy that many children are volunteering now because this generation is born with the gene of compassion that will change the country. Maybe they don’t understand the tremendous work they are doing, but it’s important that they are already involved and see the power of their collective efforts.

Our children are incredible! When I look at them, at how they have come together and joined in helping our military, I understand that an invincible nation is growing within us! It’s these small sincere drops of childhood kindness that merge and form a whole sea of positivity for the inspiration of others!

“At the end of each of our events, the kids say, “Everything will be Ukraine!” And how can we not agree with them? With such children, victory and a happy future for Ukraine is an indisputable fact!