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Olha Sahal
Written by
Olha Sahal
Written by Olha Sahal
Technical Writer at United Thinkers

I am the author of the Goodacity blog, a journalist, and a translator. For 16 years, I have worked in professional journalism, contributing to regional and national publications, both in print and online media. I have written reports, conducted interviews, reviews, articles on cultural, social, and charitable topics, as well as materials in the style of "solution journalism" and communication materials.
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Yulia Didyk
Reviewed by
Yulia Didyk
Reviewed by Yulia Didyk
Culture Manager at United Thinkers

I am a manager of cultural affairs and a project manager with over 14 years of experience at United Thinkers. I have participated in the organization of numerous successful social and charitable projects and have implemented informational campaigns and communication cases.
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Life's path is like a dark forest

Does it sometimes seem to you that the path of life is like a dark forest? You are wandering through the thickets of despair and hopelessness, needing someone’s support. We believe that a magical thread of good can lead everyone to the light of hope. So, we invite you to follow this magical ball of yarn to find harmony within yourself and the whole world!

Each of us can weave our own story of good. Follow the magical thread! It will help you find harmony on life’s intricate paths!
— the Goodacity team


Vision and mood

The Goodacity space was created to help you believe in miracles! Our volunteers are ordinary people with their own little troubles. But one day, we found our courage and started doing good deeds. Since then, wonders and miracles have surrounded us! And they’ve found us once again.

We’re constantly searching for opportunities to do good, and we find them everywhere! And sometimes, the ideas can find us. Once, we stumbled upon a ball of magical yarn that took us to the fairytale kingdom of threads, wool, knitting needles, and knitted wonders. Walking this trail with us, you may see yourself in this tale. Perhaps it will inspire you to do good!


Step 1. The idea

The Goodacity team did not expect that one story of kindness would lead us to a fantastic constellation of fairies who created their own charity space — The 40 Loops of Goodness project. Such encounters inspire us to do even more good things! And once again, we are reassured that our philosophy of altruism and mutual aid works and does wonders!

Our remarkable encounter with the project happened as we provided charitable assistance to the Zamhlay residential facility for women. This facility’s social network page showed us reviews about the activities of a particular philanthropic project. Or rather about the company of magical fairies. Their love for knitting and love for people is what united them. The 40 Loops of Goodness charity foundation is all about the warmth of hearts and hard-working hands that spend hours knitting clothes and toys. They do it with love to share some kind-heartedness with people deprived of care and attention.


Step 2. The fairies of yarn and knitting needles

The fairies of yarn and knitting needles are ordinary women who know how to knit and genuinely love it. These volunteers give handmade items to charities supporting orphan boarding schools, geriatric nursing homes, and mother-and-child homes. They even help the homeless! Our volunteers grew fond of the idea of knitting specifically for charity.

We looked through the foundation’s webpage and were fascinated with the photos we saw! Hundreds of knitted clothes, toys, and accessories, all made for charity! Our hearts melted. Of course, we wanted to know everything about the 40 Loops of Goodness project and contacted its organizer, Olena Khasheva.

I wish there were no boarding schools and all the children were with their families. And also, that all children were healthy!
— Olena Khasheva,
Ukrainian curator of the 40 Loops of Goodness charity project
Society needs more people like Olena; I personally need them. They inspire me to do good! When you meet such people in your life, you definitely understand that you are on the right path — the path of good!
— Oksana,
the Goodacity space volunteer

Step 3. Buying yarn

It’s easy to join charity work, even if you don’t know how to knit and have never held knitting needles in your hands! All you have to do is give the knitting fairies some precious yarn. And so, little knitted socks, dresses, sweaters, and vests will be made by the caring hands of these craftswomen — all with your help. These things will go to the elderly people living out their final years in nursing homes. And knitted toys will be given to children from orphan boarding schools who lack loving parents.

Our team was happy to help those craftswomen with yarn. But where would it be best to procure the necessary yarn, as the choice is wide? Our search led us to the Vyazalochka store, which provided us with professional advice and quickly delivered the order.

It’s delightful to know that yarn from our store will go to charity work. It's a great project, and we're excited to be a part of it, even if only through our yarn.
— Vyazalochka
Yarn and knitting goods store

Step 4. Made with love

The yarn quickly spread across different Ukrainian cities. After receiving the colored skeins, the craftswomen took to their inspired work. And our magical ball continued to unwind, leading us toward the end of this fairy-tale story of kindness and mutual aid.

Volunteers of the Goodacity space helped the fairies of the 40 Loops of Goodness project. In turn, the craftswomen knit many beautiful and warm things. Knitted socks were given to the geriatric nursing home, and several dozen toys, handbags, sundresses, and blouses were taken to the children in orphan boarding schools. It is so nice to know that people we have never met received a part of our love many kilometers away!

Curiously, sometimes you need to make others happy to discover your own happiness and find yourself. We believe that this is how the Universe works. 

We learned it from our charity projects, which made us confident in the power of good. The woolen thread wove together the destinies of ordinary kind-hearted people. And this knitted trail brought a little more joy to our world!

Our magical ball of kindness went to the places where someone needed help. Several people came together and knitted a story of children’s smiles, a story of faith in people and goodness. We learned about magical knitting fairies and participated in a much-needed good deed.

When you are completely lost in life and don't know where to go, take a step toward helping someone, even the smallest one. You will see your troubles will disentangle, and the sun will shine brighter on a gloomy day!
— Iryna,
the Goodacity space volunteer


Time to sum it up

The good is knitted from the warmth of our hearts. It hugs all the people from this story as if the goodness itself is a knitted blanket. The magical thread of fate led us to amazing craftswomen. We saw that it is possible to help others through your hobby or talent and to give someone warmth and comfort, even if you are far away. Imagine that every child will hug a little elephant or a hedgehog in their sleep! The warmth of your kind hearts, woven with a thread of yarn, will always be with them.

If you want to feel it too or to share your own warmth with others, join the fairies of this charity club. The magic thread will lead you to the Land of Good.

This initiative is all about mutual help, unity, and being open to good deeds. You will never become lost when you walk the Trail of Good. Leaving your mark on this trail, your mark in history, is the greatest joy of all.
— Yulia,
the Goodacity space volunteer

Weighing the results

We all like nice things and clothes of good quality. We all want to dress beautifully and fashionably. But maybe, the next time something goes on sale at your favorite clothing store, instead of buying it, you will suddenly think:

“Maybe I should dress someone who truly needs it?”


On the one hand – another thing in your closet that is already full.

On the other hand — lots of knitted clothes and toys for children from the boarding school, socks and blankets for the elderly. A path of good that hugs everyone walking it with warmth and comfort.

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

Do you know a school that needs help?
Do you want to take part in our next charity event?
Do you want to know how you can help?