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Overcome injustice in life!

Do you want to be the champion of your destiny? Do you want to beat life’s injustices? We believe that caring hearts always gain victory! So, we invite you to walk the victorious Path of Good and to make sure that good deeds are mighty.

Charity can become a competition that has no losers. Just imagine that you aim for the well-being of others. That means that any result of this marathon makes you a champion!
— the Goodacity team


Vision and Mood

Goodacity volunteers are people who yearn to help others. We know how important being a philanthropist in the modern world is!  It’s like a charitable “race of good,” and those who need help always win the championship cup.

 We are convinced you don’t have to spend large sums of money on charity to make someone’s life easier. Sometimes it is enough just to talk about what others need and to spend time with them. For example, take institutions for orphans, people with special needs, or specialized residential facilities – people always need attention and care in those places.

 However, sometimes the residents of such institutions lack even simple household items, such as sports equipment. People with disabilities like to dance, swim, and play tennis and football as much as we do. Our team found a path of good that combined sports with the desire to do something good for a women’s psychoneurological residential facility.

 Ready — set — go! Let’s start a noble sprint!


Step 1. The idea

The key to a successful race is knowing where to focus your attention and efforts. In this race of good deeds, that means identifying areas where charitable assistance is needed most. So, we found the Zamhlay Psychoneurological Residential Facility profile a social network. It was quite a nice start! After all, in the wards of such facilities, adults and children are always happy to have visitors.

The residential facility’s Facebook page was full of photos and videos of the wards, taken during various festive events. Young ladies sang and danced like children, appearing lively and animated. Our whole team felt immediately overwhelmed with emotion! 

We felt compelled to do something good for those special girls, to make them happy. So we decided to start by bringing various engaging workshops to them for free.

We all aspire to be champions in life. We compete for Fortune's favor and constantly rush to be the first. But what if you decided not to pursue your own needs and gave somebody else a chance to experience this victory instead?
— Iryna,
Goodacity space volunteer

Step 2. Short distance

As we were brainstorming what to do for these unique girls, a fantastic idea was conceived: to make a sort of “Beauty Day” for the girls that would include professional hairstyling, makeup, and beautiful photos to capture the memory. After all, women are still women, even with special needs! It is fascinating how every path of good always attracts caring people! Oksana, a beauty salon owner, the call for this good deed. She was prepared to send her team to do the makeup for free. It is so amazing when business owners and entrepreneurs are ready to take the path of good! Those people are true leaders in life, so they are responsive to the needs of others. These people would readily allow their neighbor to take the lead in the Marathon of Good so that everyone can experience the taste of victory together!

I have a car. I can invite my professional colleagues. We will take care of all the materials, that is for sure. So I'm ready to join, once a month, on a permanent basis.
— Kseniya Volkhovska,
Master of the beauty industry

Step 3. Obstacle race

Unfortunately, the pandemic hindered our vast charitable plans. Because no visitors were allowed to the residential facility during the quarantine, we had to let go of the idea of our Beauty Day. However, significant races often have obstacles and difficulties. And we won’t simply sit on the bench!

 Our volunteer Oksana contacted Antonina, the coordinator of the residential facility, asking about the institution’s needs. Antonina told her that the girls liked active games, especially football. But the courtyard of the facility was not suitable for this game.

- Tell me, what can we do to make the girls happy?

- You know, lately they have really liked football. The girls are constantly asking to play, and we let them. But we have no equipped field and no goals on it. If we could obtain mini-football goals, their happiness would have no limits!

- I’ve got it, and I'm off to search for the goals!

Indeed, this was a real opportunity to exercise our commitment to kindness and support! We received a brilliant proposition from the Universe and a way forward on this path of good.

 So, with a win by charity, the score stood at 1-0 in favor of charity!


Step 4. Thirst for victory

Our team strongly felt that overcoming the obstacles in this marathon was possible. After all, we knew exactly what we needed to do to bring happiness to the wards of the residential facility. However, we could not immediately find decent equipment at a moderate price that would suit our budget. The stores were in no rush to offer us a discount, even given that it was for a charity initiative. But who gives up halfway to the goal? We knew that we wouldn’t be alone on the path of good because the fire of victory burns bright where there is the light of hope!

And the Ozilux store joined our charitable cause. They were very attentive and glad to join the initiative when they heard the details of this purchase. In addition, the store promised free delivery. And we had another small victory!

We cannot give you a discount, but the delivery will be for free!
— Ozilux store

Thanks for the kind concession!

Moreover, the store added two balls to our order. It was a pleasant bonus that added to our strength and inspiration at once! 

With this, the score stood at 2-0, and the good held the lead!

Those who let others win seize the real victory in any competition. You experience much more profound emotions when helping someone else achieve their goal or fulfill their dream. You feel satisfaction and your own power. The power to let someone else take the lead.
— Yulia,
Goodacity space volunteer

Step 5. The reward for the efforts!

We were already at the finish line, and we recognized that those who sought the victory of good would overcome all obstacles along the way! The postal service successfully delivered the boxes containing the goals and two balls to the village of Zamhlay. The joy of the girls from the residential facility knew no bounds when they received the parcel!   Their tutors immediately took photos and videos of their wards cheerfully playing football. We were delighted by watching the video, as we realized how little it took to make these girls truly happy!

It was a genuine sea of happiness, emotion, and joyful cheers. What a moment!

Oh, what a finale! What a victory! Our volunteers succeeded in bringing joy to several dozen people at once. What is this, if not the top of the list of all life achievements?

Because playing football is a good strategy for socialization and working with mental disorders, the Zamhlay Psychoneurological Residential Facility received new football goals and balls. Sincere joy and shiny, happy eyes of the girls — this was their gratitude to those caring people who assured them that there were people behind the walls of their home, always happy to communicate with them, ready to help and do good!
— Antonina,
the institution coordinator


Time to sum it up

Everyone is the champion in this Marathon of Good!

Residents of the residential facility now spend more time in the fresh air, playing football with pleasure. And everyone involved in this good deed received the main reward of gratitude from the bottom of their pure hearts and the feeling of satisfaction from a noble act. The understanding that the lives of these girls changed a bit with their help. These feelings are much stronger than the joy of taking first place, and they shine brighter than Olympic gold!

PS: By the way, our marathon came with a nice bonus. Thanks to the facility’s webpage, we also got to know the fairies of the 40 Loops of Goodness foundation. And it brought us a new fairytale adventure worthy of the Championship Cup of Friendship! But that is a story for another time.

No matter where we go or what competitions we participate in, there is always hope for the best. In fact, everyone becomes a champion because there are no winners and no losers in good deeds!
— Oksana,
Goodacity space volunteer

Weighing the results

Everyone likes to win, and we are often willing to devote all our resources to winning the championship! But maybe, instead of wanting to be the leader or winner, you might suddenly wonder:

“Maybe I should allow someone else to win?”


On the one hand — one more medal for an achievement to please your own ego.

On the other hand — a little effort to bring football goals to the disadvantaged girls at the residential facility. The path of good filled all the participants with pride and a true sense of selfless service to others.

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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