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What do you see as the best investment for 2021?  “Bitcoin,” you say? But tens of thousands of people are already investing in Bitcoin every day. That is why now is the time to conquer new peaks and move forward!  What if we told you that we found something with a higher ROI this year than Bitcoin?

We did not expect the union of several people to be profitable. Try it, and you can receive high dividends too!
— the Goodacity team


 Vision and mood

We have many people with genuine business acumen among our Goodacity volunteers. This story of kindness will show you how to make a successful investment and the incredible impact it can have on others! We invite you to walk the path of good and ensure that you are also capable of becoming real investors, receiving colossal dividends — no doubt!

 Imagine that you have the chance to make a long-term investment that will be spent on things that will last for years; would you take the risk? And what could be more profitable than Bitcoin? Our answer: soap.

 “Seriously? Soap?” you ask, surprised. But read on, and you will see what it is all about!


Step 1. The idea

Can you see opportunities in situations that seem to have none? Or do you believe it is rather a kind of superpower to be able to do so? Well, one of our space’s volunteers has that vision. One day, she was browsing the Internet, looking for a project in which to invest. That’s when she came across the webpage of a woman who makes soap.

 You surely know that a real business person can make even thin air profitable. But first, you have to research the object and the market, right? After all, a good investment starts with a well-considered approach.

 Our Goodacity volunteer researched this webpage and found two profitable strategic investment options within: the development of a Ukrainian eco-goods market and assistance to the army.

“But how can investments, soap, and volunteer assistance to the army be related?” you ask.

Just wait a bit; you will learn how in due time!


Step 2. The soap

 The founder of this “company” was Iryna Buhrey, and her soap-making success seemed very promising. So, we thoroughly analyzed all the information and decided that investing in the development of Ukrainian eco-craftsmanship was quite attractive compared to traditional investments. After some negotiations with Iryna, we invested in her soap. She agreed at once, only asking how much it would cost. The first investment usually does not bring any real profit in business, and we were prepared for that. So, we informed Iryna that we intended to fulfill the first clause of the contract free of charge. And the answer to her surprised question, “Why would it be for free?” was, “We really would like to invest our time in you”.

 This is how the first emotional contract was concluded on this project. And Iryna even got her first advance payment in the form of the profound emotions elicited by this good deed. We did not yet realize what a treasure we had discovered and what lay ahead, but we were already impressed by the soap’s aroma. 

 It soon became apparent that this investment was one of the most promising and risk-free. So we became those people who support high-quality handmade goods and encourage their manufacturers to continue with their business. And really, this undeniable fact can be considered our first profit.

I could not even imagine that there were so many good people in the world until I got involved with the charity. Now I am convinced that good hearts still outnumber the bad.
— Iryna Buhrey,
A craftswoman who creates natural aromatic soap.

Thanks to Iryna for this scent of inspiration!


Step 3. The front

Little did we know that our investment in soap would lead to volunteering! We discovered that for seven years, Iryna had been participating in collecting and sending parcels to Ukrainian soldiers at the frontlines. Can you guess where we are going with this? Of course, she also sent the money from her soap sales to the front! We felt we’d stumbled upon a path that would lead to great dividends, so we sent Iryna our business proposal. Our goal was to push up soap sales and, as a result, have more opportunities to help the military on the frontlines.  Offering our help with advertising, we commissioned a professional photographer to compose elegant photos of the soaps and provided them to Iryna. The craftswoman was simply overwhelmed with emotion the moment she saw them!

Like oxygen, helping others gives energy. It's an incredible feeling that you experience in return.
— Diana,
Goodacity space volunteer

Step 4. A lucky lot

When your investment, and even a reinvestment, has produced dividends, it seems that you would be happy to sum it all up and feel content with the profit. But we, as true businessmen, believed we could generate additional income through crowdfunding. So, one of our organizers reached out to the trusted web page of the charity lottery. Do you know what a charity lottery is? Imagine you are visiting the showcase of some incredible new product whose nominal price could pay for someone’s hopes and dreams of becoming healthy.

Sounds cool, right? And it is! Anyone can buy a number for a small fee (starting at UAH 28) and participate in the drawing.  This was the exact type of fundraiser we needed for little Adelka’s treatment of a rare SMA condition. So we collaborated with the organizers of such a charity lottery. Thus, the soap turns from a simple investment into a lot that gives hope for the little girl’s health and provides charitable financial assistance. And we couldn’t miss this opportunity.

We are invigorated by our good deeds. After completing a lottery kit, we were filled with hope and an incredible amount of positive energy.
Little lotteries for little Adelka (SMA 1)
Administrators of the lottery save adel page


Time to sum it up

 The soap, created by a dedicated craftswoman’s caring hands and heart, conveyed positive energy to the photographer, who, in turn, catalyzed that energy to do something good. In turn, it brought an initial financial opportunity to help the military. Each parcel to the front is a well-thought-out set of products that help replenish the energy of the vanguard soldiers. As a result, they receive not only some aid but also the most essential thing: the knowledge that we support them.

And the reinvestment turned the soap into a lot, which gave some hope to Adele and helped the organizers of the lottery to complete the prize. Each lottery ticket purchased gave the participants of the charity lottery satisfaction by aiding someone’s hope to be healthy. The soap helped Adelka raise funds for treatment, and such an investment involves no risk. Instead, it provides a better-than-cashback reward through people’s emotions and the proliferation of good.

 An entire story was born from the simple idea of investing a small amount of money into artisan soap.

You will never go bankrupt investing in emotions because they will stay with you forever. And it keeps you warm even when the weather is cold 🙂
— Diana,
Goodacity space volunteer

Weighing the results

People who invest in Bitcoins or gold take risks and gamble on the stock market. But perhaps, while pondering over a financial investment and having read our story, you will suddenly think:

 “Maybe I can give someone hope?”


 On the one hand, UAH 1,000 is only a tiny percentage of Bitcoin’s value.

On the other hand, UAH 1,000 can contribute to a good cause and pay out significant dividends in people’s positive emotions and hope. And mind, no taxes!

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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