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Doing good deeds is easy

Do you want to know how you can light sparkles of happiness in the eyes of a child? It’s actually much easier than you could imagine! So let’s walk the path of good, together. You will learn that doing good deeds is easy. And even the tiniest gesture can instantly help to improve someone’s life!

You can help without making grandiose efforts or cash donations. You'd be surprised how little people need, and how easily you can give it!
— the Goodacity team


Vision and mood

The Goodacity team is made of simple, kind people whose hearts are filled with the calling to help others. We invite you to walk together through our stories of charity and kindness to ensure that good is in fashion! 

You can probably agree that our lives are full of hustle and bustle these days. Today’s crazy rhythm often prevents us from noticing many. Some problems are just annoying little things we can easily fix. Take clothing, for example. With such a wide variety of styles, clothing can be easily purchased in your favorite store. Moreover, it can be easily ordered online, so the purchase is not difficult. 

But that is not the case for everyone! For many people, spending money on clothes is an unattainable luxury. Some low-income families and people with disabilities lack the money to add something new to their wardrobe. As a result, they are forced to wear things out after other people. We want to provide dignity, respect, and care to such people, by offering them at least a little help.


Step 1. The idea

Walking along the paths of good deeds, you never know where the road will lead you! New acquaintances and inspiring stories of remarkable relief and human kindness are always waiting ahead!

So, thanks to one of our initiatives in the villages of the Chernihiv region, Ukraine, we met wonderful people who are always ready to lend a helping hand. And together, we brought some happiness to several disadvantaged families.

Viktoriya and her brother, Artem, are the people who organize charitable initiatives for the families from neighboring villages who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. Unfortunately, charitable foundations do not know about such people, but they need help daily. Therefore, Viktoriya and Artem decided to focus on helping children, especially families with several of them.

While conducting cultural events in several schools and kindergartens, they decided to help families by providing children’s clothing. After all, kids grow, clothes and shoes wear out, and buying new clothes is a considerable expense for such families.


Step 2. Shoes for Varya and Zhenya

We started helping children by buying shoes. Unfortunately, families with a limited budget often get second-hand shoes, usually given by people who no longer need them. Therefore, in most cases, such shoes wear out faster than the children can outgrow them. Our team discussed this issue with Viktoriya, and together, we came up with several options. First, we found a reputable shoe store. When its owner discovered a charity initiative for children, she provided a discount for sneakers! First, we found a reputable shoe store. When its owner discovered a charity initiative for children, she provided a discount for sneakers! 

“Wait a minute; I’ll reduce the price a bit more. Such families come to me in Chernihiv, Ukraine, and I also provide them with shoes!” 

I am thrilled to have a chance to help those kids!
— Maryna,
the kindhearted owner of a shoe store

We thank Maryna for her help with this project!


Step 3. Clothes for Varya

Children’s clothes are also a problem for low-income families. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy something new every season. That’s why our volunteers started searching for clothing. Several people with the means and desire to help children were identified. For example, Oksana sorted through her daughter’s things, found those in good condition, and donated them to Varya. Furthermore, Varya did not have suitable outerwear, such as a jacket or a coat. Thus, our volunteers began to look for an appropriate item. Finding a quality item with a limited budget was difficult, but we succeeded! Finally, we purchased a new, warm jacket for Varya in the SHAFA online store.

It's nice to know that I participated in such a great cause.
— оnline store saleswoman

We thank the SHAFA online store for her understanding and excellent service!


Step 4. Clothes for Zhenya

Our charitable initiative touched the hearts of many people, as friends and relatives of our team members also participated. The mother of one of our volunteers also wanted to give something to charity. She donated a  jacket and pants for Zhenya, Varya’s brother. Additionally, we ordered three boy’s t-shirts from another store. The saleswoman turned out to be a very polite, considerate, and responsible individual. 

She was worried about whether the clothes would fit and even asked to be informed about it. 

“I will ship the items today. Please let me know when you receive the package and whether everything fits and is to your liking. Thank you for your order! ” .

It is wonderful that you liked it all! And, it is fulfilling to participate in such a good project, even in a small way.
— Natalya,
online store saleswoman

We thank Natalya for her excellent consultation and attentiveness!


Step 5. Clothes for Sasha and Artem

Later, our activist Viktoriya located another family that needed help with new clothes. Our team of philanthropists got one more task. And what could be nicer than combining shopping and doing something beneficial for children? Two brothers, Sasha and Artem, are from a family in a poverty-stricken village. These children typically receive second-hand clothes from fellow villagers. Therefore, the state of such clothing is far from acceptable.  At school, it was obvious that the boys’ clothes were too worn compared to their schoolmates, and it was sad to witness their situation.  

Goodacity volunteers set out to help the boys’ parents with new clothes. We found a suitable store and ordered several items: brand-new T-shirts, warm sweaters, and pants. Brothers Sasha and Artem were ecstatic to receive new things! Their eyes sparkled with joy because who doesn’t love gifts –  especially useful ones? Now the boys can go to school confidently, in good quality clothes. 

These are the exact moments when it becomes clear why taking the brightened paths of good benefits those who receive the fruits of our labor and those who grow those fruits! 



Time to sum it up

Each of us can easily look through our closets and choose something for charity donation. After all, good deeds are both fashionable and in good style! 

We saw how ordinary people brought about miracles with their small contributions! Several children from a small village in the Chernihiv region, Ukraine, are dressed now, their parents are no longer preoccupied with the stress of finding warm clothing for their children, and the children themselves are beaming with joy.  Isn’t it wonderful? 🙂

Each of us is capable of much greater deeds than we often believe. We all possess a fountain of goodness within, so let’s share our internal light with everyone around us!

Each of us is a guide of love. Even if everything is going wrong around you, just be open to the flow of good. And you will find a way to yourself.
Goodacity space volunteer

Weighing the results

We all want to look stylish and elegant. But maybe when you want to pamper yourself with something new, you could change your mindset to something more selfless and think:

“Perhaps I can give some much-needed items to disadvantaged children instead.”

On the one hand – a valuable piece of jewelry that you will wear once a year.

On the other hand, some practical, durable clothes for children providing everyday comfort and warmth.  

The path of good doesn’t leave room for indifference, and brings many benefits to those receiving and gratitude to that give. 

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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