Goodacity – Dare to be Good

Do you want to become a source of joy, bringing people the light of good? Even the smallest step has its weight. And when you walk the path together, helping one another, any difficulty is easier to overcome. We can make the impossible possible by joining our efforts. So let’s walk the path of good together, side by side, and make it as bright as possible!

Doing good is easier than we think! Let's see how ordinary people were able to make life comfortable for a family that needed it so much!
— the Goodacity team


Vision and mood

What do you think of hearing the word “good?” Perhaps, the ability not to be indifferent, to be able to listen to calls for help. For the Goodacity team, “good” is about altruism, patronage, and open hearts. It is about being philanthropists in life, seeing and hearing the people around you, and not turning your back on those in need.

This path of good has shown us the sad truth of life: many people in villages and small towns live very modestly, with some living on the cusp of poverty. In stark contrast, we are fortunate to have comfortable living conditions that make us feel cozy every day. We are used to having quick and easy access to hot water, warm apartments during winter, and doing laundry easily.

And while it may seem that this is commonplace for most, many people around us lack these basic comforts. Of course, in Ukraine, many people receive much-needed assistance through the work of volunteers and charitable foundations. But unfortunately, many families are left to survive on their own. Take a good look around, and you are sure to see them.


Step 1. The idea

The first step on this path was made thanks to the We Are women’s community and The Moms Foundation. At the time, We Are were actively assisting the Goodacity space with a focus group and brainstorming to plan the development of our space and projects more carefully.

The Moms Foundation offers targeted charitable assistance for single parents. Working in collaboration with We Are, their subscribers helped to assist low-income families. It may seem unbelievable, but those people desperately needed the most basic necessities. It was a discovery for us, as it was so common that each of us had food, warm clothes, household appliances, and such luxuries as a washing machine.

When our volunteer reviewed the list of needs, one family, in particular, caught her attention:  a young mother with two daughters and a grandmother. Mariya asked only for a washing machine because she had health problems with her back, and washing everything by hand was very difficult and painful.

We decided that we would help this low-income family. But while a washing machine might be a standard convenience in our everyday lives, it was an unattainable dream for them. So, with that, we were determined to make their dream come true.


Step 2. The choice

Unbeknownst to us, the world of washing machines turned out to be colossal. With a massive variety of models on one side of the equation and our limited budget on the other, choosing a suitable washer proved challenging.  However, the tremendous number of wonderful people we met who joined this charitable cause made the search much easier. During the selection process, Optovik stepped forward and us a 15% discount, after learning the purchase was for a charity initiative. We were also lucky to meet a supplier who advised us on choosing a model. It is incredible when a consultant helps to choose a model of a machine that is not even for sale now, by phone! And in another store, the consultant directly said that he did not to profit from it! Apparently, there are more good people in the world than we thought.

When you walk the path of good, you meet a lot of good people who are ready to give help, advise and guide you.
— Yulia,
Goodacity space volunteer

Step 3. The Messenger of Good

While choosing a washing machine, Yulia, a volunteer from The Moms Foundation, kept in touch with the young mother. She was polite and attentive, ready to spare time for talks and approach the matter with compassion and understanding. Yulia had phone talks and written correspondence with Mariya, discussing the details that helped choose the right machine based on specific criteria.

For example, its volume, since all the water must be carried by hand, requires a significant amount of physical effort.

Thanks to Yulia’s coordinating efforts, we were able to choose a good washing machine for Mariya. Indeed, there are so many pure-hearted people in the world who are willing to help selflessly and zealously! This pure manifestation of good can change the world in small steps.

Thank you for your kind hearts and good deeds!
— Yulia,
The Moms Foundation volunteer

Step 4. The washing machine

And so, the long-awaited washing machine finally arrived at the new home, completely ready.

 Our volunteers put maximum effort toward delivering it whole and undamaged. As a result, the problem of manual handwashing the family’s laundry was solved!

The Goodacity team, partner projects volunteers, and ordinary people who helped with this case — we all took small steps on the path of good together. But there is no doubt that these steps became a manifestation of great love for people!

Hooray, the machine arrived, better than I dreamt of! Thank you very much. May God bless and give you a lot of happiness, health, and all the best!
— Mariya,
mother of two girls

Working together, our team spawned a small miracle for these people! However, this village family still has a problem with water for the washing machine because the young mother must carry it from the neighbors in buckets. The Moms charitable foundation has already organized a fundraiser to clean their well and provide access to water. Therefore, the next step in this story is still ahead, and the journey continues.



Time to sum it up

You don’t need to possess superpowers to sow the seeds of good, provide help to those who need it, and bring people warmth and joy. Sometimes doing good is much easier than it seems; you just have to look around.

And, even if some difficulties arise, they can be negated because if a person is guided by the desire to do good, this desire will provide the wings and strength to implement it. So, help will most certainly come if needed because there are many more good people in the world than we think.

When it seems that everything around you is going wrong, you should open yourself to the flow of good. After all, you change your reality and your attitude to problems by helping others.
— Yulia,
Goodacity space volunteer

Weighing the results

We all love pampering ourselves, and we appreciate things of good quality. But perhaps while buying one thing or another, you will think:

 “What if I bought a much-needed gift for a family instead?”

Weigh it.

 On one hand – an expensive branded watch you don’t really need that urgently.

 On the other hand – a washing machine for a family and many good emotions. The path of good leaves its mark in the hearts of everyone involved.

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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