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Simple steps for sparkle in children's eyes

Want to know how to accomplish something special easily? You can see the joy in children’s eyes with just a few simple steps! Following the trail of goodness, you can feel the powerful energy of love and wings behind you. A gesture of kindness will allow you to become a magnificent man. So give yourself the luxury of goodness!

See how ordinary people's joint efforts are capable of miracles! Maybe you too can also become a magician.
— the Goodacity team


Vision and mood

The holiday season is often the best time to become a magician and start believing in miracles! So, Goodacity volunteers embarked upon the trail of goodness on New Year’s Eve.

Usually, during the Christmas and New Year’s bustle, we focus on gifts for our loved ones. We are considering a fabulous holiday dinner, discussing where to go or whom to invite. Children learn Christmas carols and look forward to receiving gifts. They write letters to Santa Claus or St. Nicholas, entrusting them with their wishes and belief in a fairy tale.

Children who are far from our eyes and thoughts also want to believe in fairy tales. A small amount of concern and care can be a gift for them. But, of course, we are referring to the children of remote villages, where life is not very sweet. In some small villages, children are often deprived of those festive emotions: they have little fun, entertainment, and no fairy-tale guests.

And for such children, no gift is insignificant because even the smallest gesture can be their only consolation. Therefore, the Goodacity do-gooders focused their efforts on becoming fairies and magicians for children from remote villages.


Step 1. The idea

Being kind doesn’t cost much. However, allowing yourself to spend a small amount in exchange for the immeasurable ocean of gratitude in children’s eyes is a true luxury!

“To see gratitude in children’s eyes? Why not allow yourself to do that? ” – we collectively brainstormed and decided to take action by bringing holiday cheer to the children in one of the Chernihiv region’s villages, Ukraine.

In the tradition of a previous event, we decided to combine creativity and sweets into one fairy tale.

Good deeds for children is a mission of responsibility, but it’s also a pleasant one! So, we took the charitable path of goodness to the villages of Poltava, Ukraine.

We followed the trail of good, straight to the villages of the Chernihiv region, Ukraine. We brought gingerbread coloring, molding clay, and plastic eyes to make it more delightful for children to play with clay. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? But that’s for us, as adults. But for kids, even a little bit of attention and kindness can be the best gift.


Step 2. Gingerbreads

Gingerbreads are always in demand before the New Year. We have run into this problem in our previous initiative, and now we had no illusions that we would easily find an artisan to bake all the gingerbreads needed. But we had to arrange a fairy tale for children, despite everything! And another do-gooder joined us on the path of goodness. When Lyudmyla found out for whom we were ordering the sweet coloring confections, she agreed to help. As a result, the confectioner not only postponed her personal plans but also baked New Year’s presents for the children until eight o’clock at night on her birthday!

We could not expect to find people willing to postpone their plans, despite the New Year’s bustle, and devote their time to someone else – In our case, fulfilling a large baking order for completely unfamiliar children! This is a true expression of love for people, the quintessence of kindness of which each of us is capable.

There are always tears in my eyes when I see such kindness.
— Yulia,
Goodacity space volunteer
I love children very much and am ready to do a lot for them. I love to rejoice in their hearts! When they are happy, so am I 🙂
— Lyudmyla,
the confectioner who makes sweet dreams come true

Thank you, Lyudmyla, for caring!


Step 3. Molding clay

What do children of all ages enjoy? Anything that employs their imagination, of course! Bright snails, reindeer, flowers, and helicopters – plasticine figures can be taken home and remain in plain sight to proudly remind them of their achievements. Molding clay, quickly delivered to us from the Boxwell store, helped turn children`s fantasies into colorful, tangible figurines. Sincere joy in children’s eyes and a hearty laugh – what else do we, adults, need for happiness? You do not need to have the resources of a charity fund to bring joy to dozens of children! It is enough to have a desire and like-minded mates around.  And others who want to help in a good deed will join along the way. 

Thank you for everything you do! It is important to know that goodness exists, and we were pleased to feel like an essential link in that chain of good.
— Boxwell

Thank you for your products for children’s creativity!


Step 4. Wiggly eyes

Well, what kind of snail, squirrel, reindeer, or fox modeling craft doesn’t have wiggly eyes to make it more fun? No sooner said than done.

One call and a lovely young lady from the Monpacie site politely informed us that our wiggly eyes were already on their way. How important are all these tiny details! Seemingly little things for us, but for children – the opportunity to show their fantasies and fill them with life. Indeed, there are no unimportant things in good deeds! Even a smile or a sincere, kind word is priceless.

MONPACIE thanks the Goodacity team for their initiative and opportunity to participate in such a wonderful project. We are glad that such initiatives exist, and thanks to them, children's lives are filled with joy.
— Monpacie
Everything for needlework, creativity, and hobbies

Thank you for such important tiny things!



Time to sum it up

Our New Year’s fairy tale for children was a success! It often seems that to make a happy holiday for children, you need to come up with something “super extraordinary,” and it will undoubtedly cost “all the money in the world.” However, only our kindness and care matter to them. Children can show their gratitude even without words. Your kindness will be reflected in their eyes, and you will never forget this feeling!

However, only our kindness and care matter to them. Children can show their gratitude even without words. Your kindness will be reflected in their eyes, and you will never forget this feeling!

In the winter cold, we especially feel warmth in our hearts from sincere joys and children's smiles. I feel like a good fairy-tale sorceress. I believe that each of us can create a little Miracle! Or at least help it come true.
— Victoria,
Goodacity space volunteer

Weighing the results

We all love to indulge ourselves and appreciate good quality things, which is understandable. But maybe, instead of buying something unnecessary, you could think:

“Maybe I could help provide a better holiday for children in need?”

Let`s think about:

On the one hand – another expensive branded bag you don`t need.

On the other hand – a holiday for 64 children in the Poltava region, Ukraine, the positive emotions of volunteers. The path of goodness leaving a magnificent mark in the hearts of all participants.

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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