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Charity and adventures

How often do you travel? Are you curious about how people live in other countries? On this Trail of Good, we will offer you an idea of how to combine charity and traveling. And be sure, it will be a fantastic experience that will inspire you for new adventures and doing good!

Charity can extend beyond the boundaries of your city or country. It does not require passports or foreign visas and certificates. We cancel borders and allow goodness to spread throughout the world!
— the Goodacity team


Vision and Passion

We all love to travel. New impressions fill us up and make us happy. But what if we asked you to look at the other side of the travel industry? After all, every country is more than just tourist locations and vivid memories. In many countries hosting tourist attractions, there are people whose everyday life is awful despite living in a perceived “paradise.” Why? Because there are countries where many of the citizens live below the poverty line, and we don’t always notice it behind the glamorous photo spreads in the travel guides.

So, are you ready to see the flip side of the island paradise? Can you imagine yourself doing good deeds on another continent, thousands of kilometers from home? Our Trail of Good will show you a unique experience; you can take this path, too, if you wish.


Step 1. The idea

The steps of charity on our life path are so important and so various. This is a life-long journey; sometimes, the trails of good lead us to unusual places and go down in history. For example, this trail of good unexpectedly brought us to a distant country famous for its beautiful nature and landscapes, making it a Mecca for paradise vacations. Could we imagine what we might find behind such a beautiful facade?

The most important thing we have realized while walking along this trail is that goodness has no borders! And there are no limits to charity when you are ready to lend someone a helping hand, even on the other side of the globe! So what motivated us to care for people whose language we don’t even understand? Why should we pay attention to a country we may never visit? There is only one answer to this: kind hearts always care. You will see that the good easily closes distances and unites entire nations.


Step 2.

India is a unique and colorful country. Unfortunately, however, it suffers a deplorable economic state. More than 30% of Indians live below the poverty line, with about $2 per day to survive. The worldwide pandemic has only made this situation even direr. This calamity saw India reach the highest level of unemployment last year, and of course, it caused even more poverty.

More than a hundred million (!) people lost their jobs and, therefore, the ability to feed their families. Tourism has lost its potential, and it is still unknown when Indians will be able to recover and get back on their feet. Also, due to the caste system, millions of Indian people cannot even get a vaccine for the dreaded virus. This is the harsh reality of living in the “paradise” of India.

Just think, it is all bright sunshine and resort life for us, but this very sun shines much dimmer for many residents of the Indian state of Goa. These people don’t have fresh coffee and croissants in the morning and don’t work on brand-new laptops with a view of the seacoast. For the average Indian, those things are unattainable luxuries, as are nice clothes, modern gadgets, and even delicious food.

But the plight of the hungry and destitute is still a plight in any corner of the world. Our team knows that there is always someone who refuses to stand aside wherever help is needed. Recently, an Indian volunteer who cares for the vulnerable people in his country reached out to the Goodacity team. Our trail of good brought us to the southern shore of the Indian Ocean to show us that goodness knows no borders and does not differentiate between continents.


Step 3.

A Ukrainian proverb states, “When you are hungry, even mushrooms can taste like meat.” Each of us knows what it is to feel hunger and how good it feels to have a nice meal fill our bellies. But even in the modern world, there are still countries where food is a luxury. We were surprised when the trail of good led us to a paradise whose inhabitants must constantly fight for survival.

With about 1.4 billion people, India has the second-largest population in the world after China. Understandably, jobs and food can be scarce with so many people living in one country. Even with its mild climate and developed tourism industry, the people of India often suffer from diseases, hunger, and unemployment. 

There is a concept known as BPL, meaning below the poverty line. People are not simply poor in India; it is much worse. Charitable organizations coordinate fundraisers to provide at least some support to those people.

We walked the trail of good, crossing all borders and great distances. We fed dozens of needy people in a faraway, exotic country. We saw what the volunteers of India do and how they help their fellow compatriots survive. For example, they deliver food packages that are very modest but necessary for survival so that ordinary workers who have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic can have such a precious commodity as food.

When men in such families lose their wages, the whole family risks starvation, as Indian women are not allowed to earn money. So, the volunteers do extraordinary, good deeds, inviting others to visit and participate in this charity together. We are proud that members of the Goodacity team were able to join forces with these volunteers!

We have been doing this for the last ten months and want to do much more. We also plan to create a hostel for the poor boys of our area in the coming months. If you ever come to India (or Goa, specifically), please stop by and take a look at our work.
— Jason Joseph Pinto


Time to sum it up

The Trail of Good traverses the globe, and we now see the life of Goa Indians differently. Food gave them hope for life. It may be modest and not so diverse in taste, but it is a treasure for the impoverished. Having no work and no confidence in their future, the people of India still smile. They are sincerely grateful for their modest food kits due to the support of unknown and distant people.

Charity should not be limited to the people you know or the borders of your country. After all, in the modern world, there is nothing easier than joining a charitable cause while sitting in front of a gadget. The feeling you have from saving dozens of people from starvation is worth all the world’s treasures! So, the Goodacity team votes for the good without borders!

You will never grow poorer if you share a penny with the poor or feed the hungry. Because this is the most decent way to say “thank you” to the Universe for your well-being and well-fed life.
— Iryna,
a Goodacity space volunteer

Weighing the results

Traveling fills us with impressions and emotions, and we are all excited by the idea of exploring new countries. But perhaps, while planning another tourist holiday, you will think:

“What if I make this trip an adventure of charity?”


On the on hand —more impressions that will not affect your future life.

On the other hand — food packages for several dozen people to feed their families. Having crossed borders and erased limitations, the Trail of Good provides much-needed hope and restores faith in humanity.

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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