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I have a dream… “To give a feeling of wonder to the children from the orphan boarding school who dream of holiday presents. I work as a teacher at an academy, so I want to involve my students in this campaign”.
— Anna

With the Microgrant, we succeeded in…

…lighting a flame of hope in the hearts of those who believe in miracles and patiently wait for them! The pre-holiday presents became this miracle for the children of the orphan boarding school!

Anna's story

Anna works as an educator at the Khortytska National Academy science lyceum, planting seeds of kindness and love in children’s souls daily. These sown seeds germinate in the kids’ hearts and fill them with the warmth of understanding, friendship, and charity. They say, with good reason, that such people give their whole hearts to children. Her strength and light are enough to support and help others, to make the world and people around her brighter, kinder, happier, and more complete.

The spark

Every year, our family participates in the 2000 gifts for St. Nicholas’ Day campaign, organized by the Tvoya Opora Charitable Foundation. This campaign is aimed at warming the hearts of abandoned children. It is effortless to join this campaign and make a holiday wish come true for a resident of an orphan boarding school: just read the list of children’s dreams on the Tvoya Opora Charitable Foundation website and choose the one you can fulfill. The True Christmas miracle for boarding school children is not the latest iPhone or other cool gadgets. Instead, they dream about ordinary things like toys, books, and sweets. They dream about but cannot afford such simple things. Therefore, we try to make a few children’s dreams come true every year and give them this Christmas miracle.

And this year, I decided to invite my students from the Khortytska National Academy to join this tradition. After all, what can attract the adults’ attention better than the example of children; what else can bring those feelings of waiting for Christmas miracles back to them — through the chance to make at least one child happier?!

The Fire

Adding a spark of support to the little flame of wish, we get a bonfire of kindness and inspiration! I saw it from my own experience: thanks to a microgrant from Goodacity, we got the necessary funds and were able to buy and send presents to the children eagerly awaiting them!

We managed to make the lives of those who need help brighter and warmer and lit a flame of hope in the hearts believing in and waiting for a miracle. Good deeds are actually much easier than you might imagine! 

Such presents for the orphan boarding school children are more than just the contents of the packages. They include within them the souls of those who filled the packages. And the children can feel it!

Anyone who has been a Miracle Maker at least once, not only for their own little ones but also for those children without parents or who have troubles with their relatives, understands what a joyful mission this is! And the happiness and genuine joy in the eyes of those children are the best gratitude for this help! Charity is the most inspiring way to happiness!
— Anna
Do you want to experience a miracle? Become a miracle,” the saying goes. And Anna, the star of this story, is precisely the kind of person whose vocation is to create miracles! Her story touches the soul; it inspires, motivates, and ignites hearts.
— the Goodacity team
Doing good is very simple!

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