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Olha Sahal
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Olha Sahal
Written by Olha Sahal
Technical Writer at United Thinkers

I am the author of the Goodacity blog, a journalist, and a translator. For 16 years, I have worked in professional journalism, contributing to regional and national publications, both in print and online media. I have written reports, conducted interviews, reviews, articles on cultural, social, and charitable topics, as well as materials in the style of "solution journalism" and communication materials.
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Yulia Didyk
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Yulia Didyk
Reviewed by Yulia Didyk
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I am a manager of cultural affairs and a project manager with over 14 years of experience at United Thinkers. I have participated in the organization of numerous successful social and charitable projects and have implemented informational campaigns and communication cases.
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The path to children's hearts

Want to know, how to make children`s eyes shine with happiness – with the help of small steps and good deeds? We invite you to walk the path of goodness, which starts from an idea and, despite doubts and fears, goes straight to children’s hearts.

Let's see how we can bring magic and joy to children – with the help of caring people who deliver goodness hand-to-hands.
— the Goodacity team


Vision and mood

And who else but we, adults, can inspire children through our example. We know that when a child or teenager sees a gesture of kindness around him, they come to believe in it. The imprint of even the tiniest gesture of kindness remains in the child’s soul forever. On New Year’s Eve, there is a charming, fairytale-like atmosphere. As if a miracle is ripe and ready to be plucked from the air. We also feel it! Every one of us senses that we need to share the festive mood with those who need it – especially when it comes to doing good things for children. Children are especially vulnerable during the holidays, waiting to be blessed by a miracle!

And who else but we, adults, can inspire children through our example. We know that when a child or teenager sees a gesture of kindness around him, they come to believe in it. The imprint of even the tiniest gesture of kindness remains in the child’s soul forever.

A good deed cannot be insignificant. Even the smallest good deed can play a huge role in a child’s mind. Yet, they still learn of greed, betrayal, and envy from the world around them. So, let’s show them another reality to choose from! We can demonstrate how kindness brightens every person’s life path through our example.


Step 1. The idea

We decided to make New Year’s gifts for children in rural schools. Instead of store-bought gifts, our volunteers designed a surprise in their own style: a sort-of handmade gift to engage and inspire the children. And what could be better than decorating gingerbread cookies? Both fun and delicious!

Such a project seems so simple – just ordering gingerbread. However, things didn’t happen as expected. The baker we had hoped for was already busy, so the search for another began. Finally, we found a confectioner who made beautiful gingerbreads, and at first, she agreed to support our cause and fulfill our order. But, after learning about the massive number of gingerbreads needed, she declined to aid in our efforts.

Of course, we were disappointed and felt helpless in organizing a holiday surprise for the children, with less than a week to go before we were to deliver. Nevertheless, we believed that our charitable initiative was an excellent idea. But now, how could we possibly source and manage everything needed in time to deliver our gifts to the neighboring region? Our volunteer team felt lost and prayed for a miracle!

Those who do good deeds are helped by angels or good fairies! Now I know for sure!
— Oksana,
Goodacity space volunteer

Step 2. Gingerbreads

When you are on a pathway of goodness, everything is possible! By chance, we contacted a confectioner, Iryna, and told her of our troubles, with the ultimate goal to organize the highlight for the children. She listened and replied with enthusiasm, “OK, I’ll try!”. 

And she did it! Iryna baked gingerbreads, packed them, and delivered them to our volunteer, who then forwarded them directly to a school in the Chernihiv region, Ukraine.

Irуna not only agreed to fulfill our large order in the pre-New Year’s busy time but also baked the gingerbread at cost. Yes, on the path of goodness, people do good deeds with great pleasure. And this is the best experience of their lives!

When told that Goodacity was looking for a baker to make a lot of gingerbreads for children in a short amount of time, I decided to help them, even if I had to stay up all night to do so. I was worried about everything working out. But, in the end, I was able to happily package my fragrant gingerbread for delivery to the children! It was an amazing experience in my sweet and creative work.
— Iryna,
Sweet fairy confectioner that responsibly fulfills orders

Thanks to Iryna!


Step 3. Snowmen

Seeing plywood snowmen made by Ihor Luhovuy on a social network, we decided to add them to our children’s gifts. But would, or could, an artisan create such a large number of snowmen in such a short time? Fortunately, Ihor replied: “Of course, I will!” And he made the snowmen and brought them to our volunteers. Moreover, just in case the need arose, he added some extra snowmen! We can see that it`s not difficult to do good things. Children’s smiles are worth more than the effort and time spent.

I was surprised by such an order… 127 identical snowmen! But hearing that these would be gifts for children, I fulfilled the order with great pleasure and inspiration! It loaded me with fun and holiday spirit!
— Ihor Luhovyi,
Custom decor master.

Thank you, Ihor!


Step 4. Brushes

One hundred twenty-seven paintbrushes don’t seem like that much, do they? Therefore, we postponed purchasing them until the very last minute. We didn’t realize the growing demand for brushes before the New Year’s holidays! Many people order gingerbreads in large batches, and along with them, the brushes for coloring.

Human kindness once again helped the children’s holiday happen. We were lucky to find a supplier who promptly sent us the brushes – not only on Saturday but also at a price without a New Year’s surcharge.

These actions illustrate that good deeds can be performed by all. We can each become a miracle worker who makes their little mission of light and kindness come true. This is so important in our world, where loneliness and despair seemingly prevail. You need to believe in miracles and grace!

- Need to send it on Saturday? Yes, no problem! Give me the name and address of the recipient.
— Mykhailo,
Reliable supplier of stationery and souvenirs

Thank you for your promptness!



Time to sum it up

At last, the gingerbreads and snowmen were all packaged up. The next day they went to the children. And when our volunteer displayed a photo of all the excited schoolchildren with their gingerbreads, it was true happiness! We did it! Our team had become a real magical force, taking care of the holiday for children even from afar.

While growing up, it is essential to believe in goodness and see kindness’s manifestations in people. The ability to feel happy in adulthood depends on this. Our charity may be a very small piece, a drop in the ocean within the whole country. But more than a hundred children from a remote village rejoiced and smiled, tasted gingerbreads, and believed in miracles! Isn’t this a reason for walking this path of goodness again? Walk with us, and love will win!

I am happy to be a member of this good mission or, so to speak, as one of Santa's reindeer. I feel ready for new adventures in doing good!
— Oksana,
Goodacity space volunteer

Weighing the results

We all love to indulge ourselves, we appreciate good quality things, and that’s understandable. But maybe, instead of buying something unnecessary, you could think:

“Maybe I should buy holiday gifts for children in need, instead?”

Let`s think about it:

On the one hand – another pair of brand-new sneakers that you don`t need.

On the other hand – a holiday for 164 children in the Chernihiv region, Ukraine, and the positive emotions of volunteers. A path of goodness leaving a fabulous mark in the hearts of all participants.

Doing good is very simple!

You can afford yourself the luxury of goodness!

Doing good is very simple!

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