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children's dreams

“Dreams are a driving force that helps children cope with stress, stimulates learning and creativity,” believes our heroine, Lviv-based, Ukraine, educator Halyna Kovalyshyn. “By fulfilling children’s dreams, you light a spark in their hearts, change the world, and inspire everyone around you!”

Today, our schools are steadfast points of support for our children, and teachers hold the educational front, continuing to fulfill children’s dreams.

children's dreams

The modern teacher is almost a Superman

Mrs. Halyna is a physical education teacher at Lviv Secondary School No. 68 and a cheerleading coach. “I’m just an ordinary person who loves sports, students, and my job,” the teacher says. “For the past four years, I’ve been running a cheerleading section for children on a voluntary basis. I often hear people ask me, ‘Why do you do this? Why do you spend your time and health on it?’ But I confidently respond, ‘I enjoy bringing warmth and joy to children, despite any obstacles!'”

Today’s teachers are much more than just educators; they are superheroes who inspire and guide children towards a brighter future.

When the day starts with a cheerful and prolonged children’s “Good mor-ning!” it guarantees that it will be successful and fruitful. I can’t imagine a day without the happy noise of children, their bright eyes, and sincere communication…

I set aside time every day to train children. I am extremely delighted by how eagerly they come to me for training in their favorite sport. Today’s teacher is almost a Superman who has to teach, explain, demonstrate, run around all the children, approach each one, engage with everyone, and at the same time solve all the children’s problems and play with them.

I love what I do and I always teach children to do any task with pleasure. Working with children in cheerleading, I give them the opportunity to reveal themselves, and they happily attend my classes where there is no “military-style”, where friendship and a good mood always prevail. If we perceive children on an equal footing with ourselves, we can learn no less from them than they can from us!

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In our group, we currently have 16 children, with the youngest cheerleader being 6 years old and the oldest being 12. We welcome all children who are willing to join our group, and everyone shows themselves at their best! Children with visual impairments, hyperactivity, postural disorders, foot deformities, and other conditions also train in our group. The section is also attended by children from families in difficult life circumstances, temporarily displaced children, and children of Ukrainian defenders. We really want to give them a happy childhood without war!

My work is primarily aimed at ensuring that every child, regardless of their physical characteristics or other barriers, has access to sports activities. There are many different sports sections in the city, but most of them are paid and not affordable for all parents. However, our club accepts absolutely all children for free. Initially, only children from our educational institution were involved, but recently students from other schools have also joined. They work hard, train – and, of course, want to perform on stage and receive awards.

children's dreams

May children's dreams come true!

Participating in the Ukrainian Cheerleading Cup is a dream of every child! As soon as the kids found out about the competition of such a level in Lviv, Ukraine, their eyes lit up – they wanted to take part in the competition, perform on the big stage, as they say – “show themselves, let people see”… But to make children’s dreams come true, we needed help.

With the help of Goodacity team, we were able to make our dream come true. We are very grateful for your support for our school team at these competitions and for the micro-grant provided, which was aimed at realizing the children’s dream of cheerleading! Because during the war, we need to help our children integrate stress energy. Many of them have parents who are currently serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and there are also children who are temporarily displaced. We do not know how long these war trials will last, but the time of life is priceless – and we must live and create for our children.

Thanks to your support, our little cheerleaders got a fantastic cake and the opportunity to participate in the Ukrainian Cheerleading Cup. It was an incredible and exciting event! The girls showed great results, taking second place in the “CHEER DANCE SHOW mini” category, which inspired them greatly. I am very happy and proud of my students, who will now strive to engage in sports even more after such an event in their lives!

Doing good is always interesting, says Mrs. Halyna. And when happy children’s eyes become a reward, it’s twice as pleasant!