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Olha Sahal
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Olha Sahal
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Technical Writer at United Thinkers

I am the author of the Goodacity blog, a journalist, and a translator. For 16 years, I have worked in professional journalism, contributing to regional and national publications, both in print and online media. I have written reports, conducted interviews, reviews, articles on cultural, social, and charitable topics, as well as materials in the style of "solution journalism" and communication materials.
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Yulia Didyk
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Yulia Didyk
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I am a manager of cultural affairs and a project manager with over 14 years of experience at United Thinkers. I have participated in the organization of numerous successful social and charitable projects and have implemented informational campaigns and communication cases.
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How often do we let the stereotypical thought of being unable to do something global stop us?

Thoughts such as, why should we try to help others if we don’t have enough money to feed all the hungry, shelter all the homeless, heal all the sick, and any action we take is just a drop in the ocean? But it’s precisely your drop that makes this ocean special! They say there is no help too small, which is not without reason. All significant changes are made of small actions, and everything you do is essential as it moves the world forward.


What is our strength?

Help can be varied and different, but it is never inconsequential. You can help others in many ways, many of which do not require any superpowers; wanting to be there, empathizing with others, and feeling their pain is enough. After all, the only necessity in helping is people who are ready to help.

“You can help in different ways,” Oksana, a Goodacity volunteer, says. “You can do it with your skills and talents or with communication through a few sincere words. Sometimes a kind word gives a person more hope than expensive medicines ever could. While helping those who suffered from the war, I noticed that people didn’t need food or other items as much as the understanding that they were not forgotten. They must be heard and hear the right words during difficult moments, so they know that they are not alone and that everything will be fine.”

“It is also impressive that people who have lost their homes, and whose lives are, in fact, ruined as well, strive to help someone else or at least to share something with others themselves. My volunteer activity showed me some incredibly inspiring examples of human kindness! Grandma Halya from Chernihiv, Ukraine, who planted a vegetable garden in the yard of her ruined household and treated others with the harvest; Ms. Nina from Novoselivka, who cried with emotion when her fellow villagers, whose homes were destroyed by the war, helped her gather funds for the treatment of her daughter, injured during the shelling.”

“The war brought us great loss and pain, but it also brought unity, and these stories of humanity and care touch our hearts. They give us the strength to act, to love, and to help others. Here are the wonderful words of Bohdan, my colleague: “If our people are so strong that they want to share even though they are losing what they have, then no one can beat us!”


How can you help right now?

So, you want to help but don’t know whom or how? First, ask yourself: “What exactly can I do?” Then, decide what type of charity feels right for you and what you want to share, whether it be your time, talents, or money. You can help in a variety of ways:  

Give your time 

Time is a valuable resource! It can also be “donated” to charity! For example, spend half an hour a day visiting lonely elderly people in a nursing home or walking dogs from an animal shelter. You will see that your time is “converted” into good deeds that fulfill you and change your life as much as the lives of those you help!

Share your talent 

Join a good cause with your professional skills or talents. If you have a creative profession, you can hold workshops for children. Photographers can do charitable photo sessions, lawyers can advise those who need legal help, and if you are good at writing, you can help with texts for a charity you admire.       

Help with information 

The good should be loud! Telling others about a good deed is also a good deed. Your likes and reposts are essential! By reposting articles about charitable organizations, you help benefactors to continue raising funds and carrying out their marathons of good deeds! This is how charity initiatives grow and spread. After all, every person who sees such a post on social networks is potentially one more willing to help! An audience’s attention is a precious resource, and if you have the opportunity to share it, you’d better do it! Join Goodacity.org’s volunteering initiatives at Telegram: https://t.me/goodacity to be able to help with a simple repost or a like!

Donate money

Caring volunteers are the engine of charity, and patrons are its fuel! The financial support makes it possible to implement charitable initiatives and help those in need. “Bit by bit” is the way to be strong when we are united! You don’t have to donate thousands or millions to solve this or that problem entirely. You can give two hryvnias, and together with thousands of other people doing the same, that is how millions are collected for a good cause.

Choose your direction and be helpful with what you do best.

For example, you see a post about an old woman who lost her home because of the war. It is clear that you cannot help her with a new house all at once, but you can bring her groceries or come for a few hours to chat and help to clear the ruins. Alternatively, you can donate a little money to the volunteers caring for her and spread their posts throughout your social networks so that they can continue with their help. Yes, building a new house takes a lot of time, but you can start building a new life filled with the power of kindness immediately.


When it's hard, say to yourself: “I can help!”

Right now, we are surrounded by so much pain and destruction; it’s difficult to deal with it all. But doing your daily volunteer work and understanding that you are contributing to helping others in this challenging time inspires and heals at the same time. When life is hard for you, helping others helps you to heal yourself. 

The words “I CAN” can be seen clearly in the statement, “I can help!” Actually, each of us is capable of doing a lot! Each of us can make someone happier or healthier, make someone’s life better and more complete, and thereby change the world for the better!

Now it is possible to change the world and inspire others to do so through their phones by talking about good deeds or charitable initiatives. And you can do it, too, by sharing this article. Something big always starts with small steps. And the next step is yours!