Goodacity – Dare to be Good

How often we are stopped by the stereotypical opinion that we are not able to do something global?

But it is your drop that makes this ocean special! No wonder they say that there is no small help. All big changes are the sum of small actions, and each of your actions is important and moves the world forward.


What is our power?

Help can be very different and diverse, but never small. You can help others in many different ways, many of which do not really require any extra effort, just a desire to be there, to empathize and sympathize. After all, the main thing in helping is people who are ready to help.

“You can help in different ways, – says Goodacity volunteer Oksana. – “You can use your skills and abilities, you can communicate and say kind and sincere words… Sometimes a kind word gives a person more hope than expensive medicines. While helping those who suffered from the war, I noticed that what people need most is not so much food or some things, but the understanding that they are not forgotten … It is really important for them to be listened to, it is important to hear the right words in a difficult moment to know that they are not alone and that everything will be fine

It is also striking that people who have lost their homes, and whose lives are also in ruins, want to help someone, to share at least something with others. In my volunteer practice, I have encountered incredibly inspiring examples of human help and kindness! Grandmother Galya from Chernihiv, who planted a garden in the yard of her destroyed house and treats us with the harvest; Mrs. Nina from Novoselivka, who cried with emotion when her fellow villagers, whose house was destroyed by the war, helped her to pay for the treatment of her daughter wounded during the shelling…

The war brought us a lot of pain, but also a lot of unity, and these stories of humanity and indifference touch our hearts… It gives us the strength to act, to love, to help others. My colleague Bohdan said wonderful words: “If we have such strong people who want to share, although they themselves are losing, then no one can defeat us!”.


How can you help right now?

Do you want to help, but don’t know who and how? Ask yourself: “What exactly can I do?”. Decide what type of charity is closer to you now, what you would like to share: time, talent or money.  You can help in different ways:  

Give your time 

 Time is your valuable resource! And it can also be “donated” to charity! Half an hour a day to visit lonely old people in a geriatric home or walk dogs from a shelter – and your time is “converted” into good deeds, filling and changing your life and the lives of those you help!  

Share your talent 

Join the good cause with your professional skills or talent – if you are a person of creative profession, you can organize and conduct, for example, master classes for children. Photographers can organize charity photo shoots, lawyers can advise those who need help, and if you are a good writer, you can help with writing texts for a charity organization whose activities you like.          

Help with information 

 Good should sound loud! And telling about a good deed is also a good deed! Your likes and reposts are important! By reposting an article of a charitable organization, you help philanthropists to continue to collect donations and continue their marathon of good deeds! This is how charitable initiatives are scaled and spread.  After all, every person who sees such a post on social networks is potentially +1 person willing to help! The attention of the audience is an extremely valuable resource, and if there is an opportunity to share it, it is worth doing!  Join the volunteer initiatives in Telegram: to be able to help through a simple repost or like! 

Donate funds

Caring volunteers are the engine of charity, and patrons are its fuel! Thanks to financial support, you can implement charitable initiatives and help those who need it. “From the world on a thread” is about the great power of us all when we are united! It is not necessary to donate thousands or millions to solve a problem completely. You can donate two hryvnias, as well as thousands of other people, and this is how millions are collected for good.

Choose your direction and be useful with what you do best. 

Do you see the post about the grandmother who lost her home because of the war? It is clear that you can not immediately help her with a new home. But you can bring her some food or come for a few hours to talk and help her clear the rubble. You can also donate a small amount of money to the volunteers who are taking care of her grandmother and spread their post on the Internet to enable them to continue to help… Yes, it takes a lot of time to build a new home, but you can start building a new life filled with the power of goodness right now.


When it is difficult, say to yourself: "I will help!"

There is a lot of pain around now, and it is difficult for people to cope with it. And daily volunteer work, understanding that you have a part in helping others in this difficult time, inspires and heals at the same time. When it is hard for you, helping others heals. The phrase “I will help” encrypts the word CAN! Each of us can really do a lot! Each of us can make someone happier, someone – healthier, someone’s life – better and more fulfilling and thus change the world for the better!

Nowadays, you can change the world and inspire other people to do it even… from the phone – by telling about a good deed or a charitable initiative. Or you can just share this article. Big things begin with small steps. The next step is yours!