Goodacity – Dare to be Good

Have you ever thought about the fact that each of us is a driver of change? Every day we make dozens of decisions that seem small, but in reality, they determine how our present and futures play out. And not only ours but also the fates of people around us and, ultimately, even the whole world!

Every day, waking up in the morning, we decide how to live the next day of our lives. Should we keep the same routine, try something new, change our life, give it new meaning, and discover our superpower? Every day brings us a million chances for change! What would happen if you used one of those chances to start helping others?


What will change for you?

Doing good and helping others means not only sharing what you have and donating money, but also receiving something in return! You will feel a burst of positivity and gratitude, recharge, find inspiration, and discover your own significance. Moreover, neuroscientists have proved that doing good deeds makes you feel better, even physically!

Volunteering helps to “change the optics,” that is, to see the world in a new way, to learn to appreciate what we have, and be happy with it. It’s no wonder that people who do good deeds regularly feel happier and more fulfilled. Understanding that you can make a difference for people and change a part of their lives with your actions inspires and gives wings!

Volunteering changes our outlook and encourages us to make changes for ourselves and for others. Additionally, various good deeds offer the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, skills, and abilities, develop our talents, meet others who share our values, and join the community. Thus, new opportunities, the experience we gain from them, and the acquaintances we make while volunteering can come in handy during various life situations.

We all are currently searching for new meanings and sources of strength. It turns out that being strong is relatively easy when other people, those whom you’ve managed to help, look at you with hope and gratitude. So, let me introduce you to the Real You! You have always had this power within you. And it grows and becomes more robust with each of your good deeds. As they say, “Thinking about tomorrow, we change our today, and in creating our today, we change our tomorrow!”


What will change for the people around you?

Anything is possible if you take action! We can influence and inspire others by our own example — making a conscious decision to change our lives.

The country of caring people is changing before your eyes! To see this, it is enough to simply look around: volunteers are sorting through the rubble of destroyed homes and working together to rebuild what was demolished by the war; together, they paint flowers on the bullet-riddled fences and cars and plant real flowers and trees instead of those that were ravaged. By changing one life, we change the world, and by changing the environment, we change people’s consciousness. So, if ten people come out one day to clean the street, dismantle debris or plant flowers, there would be a hundred of them the next day!

“When a lonely person faces difficulties, they feel helplessness and despair. Seeing others in the same situation care and take action gives them a positive attitude and faith in their own strength,” Oksana, a Goodacity volunteer, says.

“While implementing the charitable initiatives of our space of good, I have more than once observed the following pattern: the people who’ve received help from us become actively involved in helping others, as they understand perfectly how important this support is in our hard times. No matter how difficult life is for all of us now, we do not forget about the good. And that’s why we will win! Because the darkness can never overcome those who carry the light within!”

Any change is a joint effort. In helping people, we inspire others with our work, so a domino effect for good causes is initiated: volunteers unite in communities and form charitable organizations and foundations. As a result, people trust charitable organizations more because they see more and more of their acquaintances, friends, or fellow citizens out there. Therefore, it becomes significant for businesses to not only make a profit but to also be socially responsible.

All large-scale volunteer movements in Ukraine started with small, individual manifestations of care and kindness. Someone did not pass by lonely elderlies; someone decided to collect necessary things for our military; someone else was concerned with the problems of homeless animals. Ukrainians have proven that, united, we can make significant changes and transform our country. But there is no doubt that our ultimate success depends on each of us. By helping others, we change the future of our country for the better and, thereby, our destinies. It is in our hands, so let’s not be discouraged.

Changing the world? Each of us can do it! Miracles happen whenever ordinary people do something extraordinary!