Goodacity – Dare to be Good

Here are the achievements that we owe you!

“It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness,” said Confucius. Dear friends, we want the passing year to be remembered not as a year of darkness, but as a time of igniting a spark of light, goodness, and mutual help every day.

We all have a special desire for hope, the feeling of belonging to something bigger, and for new meanings. The residents of our space of Good find all this in volunteering and helping others. While war creates evil, it also gives rise to life and revival to ordinary people as the angels of Light who can do extraordinary things! We thank all the benefactors we have met on our path of Good: this year we managed to implement more than a hundred charity projects (dreams/projects of helping others) with your help.

We say this to inspire, and show that you can change the world for the better even in difficult times. And to show that there are bright moments, bright people, bright things even in the dark…

In particular, we had the following bright moments in the past year…

A bright moment

of kindness and care for our fluffy friends

We started a project of helping homeless animals and distributing food for them in cooperation with incredible and dedicated animal volunteers. Four tons of pet food from Goodacity, as well as love, care, and protection from the caring hearts of volunteers! Our goal is to make the lives of homeless animals a little easier and full of care! By the end of the year, the number of animals fed by animal volunteers we supply with food has increased up to several thousand! The initiative was implemented in the Chernihiv region; the food was also sent to Kryvyi Rih, Zaporizhzhia, and Odesa.

Many pets have lost their owners and suffered injuries because of the war, and many former pets need treatment after living on the street. We at the Goodacity mutual aid space help those who help our fluffy friends! That’s why we decided to support animal volunteers on their path of care and kindness, paying for the treatment of animals in need of medical assistance.

A bright moment

of the Giving Tuesday

The whole world relies on bright people in dark times. In order to have more of those who ignite the spark of goodness and light, Goodacity together with #GivingTuesday organized the microgrants for those who wanted to make a miracle for someone! Miracles can happen even in hard times. Moreover, we need miracles now more than ever! Over 40 microgrants were given for the charitable initiatives in the last month! In the passing year, we already managed to make more than 200 dreams come true — together with you. We are happy that we had a chance to give so many microgrants to make the world a little kinder and the people a little happier!

A bright moment

of helping war victims

The war destroys, and goodness builds! Throughout the year, we aided those who lost their homes or were injured in shelling and helped displaced people and residents of repossessed territories. The war destroys, it calls everything that seems stable into question, but the forces of goodness, love, and light remain forever!

A bright moment

of help for Ukrainians abroad

We really want all Ukrainians to be able to answer the question: “How are you?” all Ukrainians could answer: “We are doing well!”. And we believe that soon it will be so! In order to help our compatriots who have been pushed abroad by the war, Goodacity volunteers have created a website

The site contains information about sixteen European countries that hospitably host Ukrainians: useful contacts, up-to-date news and explanations from official sources, Facebook groups and telegram channels for help. Since spring, tens of thousands of Ukrainians have visited the resource – and we continue to update the information on the website and collect content that will help all Ukrainians abroad. The war may temporarily force us out of our homes, but it will never reach our souls, our hearts, our humanity, our ability to unite and help each other! The initiatives implemented to help people and animals are more than just things or money, they are hope! The hope that despite all the horror and pain around us, there is still a lot of good and light in people… It is not just the contents of the packages, but above all the contents of the souls of those who filled the packages. Those who have helped others at least once – with their time or talent, money or information – have had the opportunity to feel what a bright and joyful mission it is.

Thank you! Happy New Year!

Good will prevail ! Let's help him together!