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Nowadays, in times of war, everyone has their sphere of influence and responsibility. While our brave soldiers protect us on the front, we all defend Ukraine here, in the rear! Everyone has their own front... For some it is a volunteer front, and cultural or informational front for others. The front of helping our four-legged friends unfolded from the first days of full-scale war. After all, the war affects not only people but animals as well, and they also need our help.
"Every dog in Chernihiv knows me", zoo activist Nadiya jokes. "I drive around the city every day, giving food to the tails, and they immediately run out to meet me when they hear my scooter's engine. They can not take care of themselves, can not ask for help; they are speechless but there is so much hope and faith in us, humans, in their eyes…".
She has enough love and care in her soul not only to house almost a hundred rescued dogs, but also to take care of animals that lost their owners and homes to the war. Marina Postol is not just a zoo volunteer; she is a real zoo angel for her dependents! She knows the needs and troubles of homeless animals in Chernihiv like no one else. She was coming to feed them and to take care of those injured by the explosions even under shelling, risking her life. "Animals need our care and love," Marina says. "I wish I could have even more opportunities to help them all...".
"Volunteering is a self-sacrificing kind of work that requires a lot of physical and psychological resources; but the paradox is that the more you invest yourself into volunteering, to the extent when it seems that you should go empty, the more you are filled... You are filled with the energy of life, faith, and hope. Currently, I coordinate several small but successful animal volunteering initiatives in Chernihiv. This experience came into my life to show what true gratitude and devotion are. I am very grateful to the volunteers who do incredible things for the animals! Getting to know such heroes, you understand that there is so much good and light in the world! And it makes me want to live on and create…".
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