Giving Tuesday & Giving Goodacity

«Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself!»

With this slogan, the Goodacity Realm of Good joins
Giving Tuesday – the Day of Good Deeds!

We gift 22 sparks of good at 2022 UAH each by 2022!
Want to help someone, but don`t have enough money?
Here's your chance! Fill out a form to request a microgrant and get your spark.

22 hearts are looking for help. Go ahead! It's time to act!
We are waiting for you!

Light the Fire of Goodacity together with us!

Who can apply for a microgrant? You can!
...you know children who can't afford warm shoes or clothing due to financial hardship
...you want to help feral animals in your neighborhood, but can`t find like-minded people
...you know elderly people who need medicine,
but can't afford it
...you've heard of those who need moral or psychological support, but the cost of it is prohibitive for them
...you feel a need to help someone, but you do not have enough financial means for it
#GivingTuesday is an international charity movement that unites people so they can help each other. The movement started in 2012 in the United States and, thanks to thousands of participants, has spread around the world. Ukraine joined the movement in 2018.
This year #GivingTuesday falls on November 30th and on this day the participants:

– Donate their time, talent and money;
– Organize charity events in favor of non-profit organizations;
– Implement fundraising campaigns.

This is a great opportunity to dispel all the myths about the charity sector and to become a part of the international movement.

is financial assistance from the members of the Goodacity Space. You tell us about those who need help, and we help you implement your altruistic initiative to do something good and to create an opportunity for those who need it now.
Work a wonder for someone, and we will give you helping hand! We will support your initiative if you do not have enough money for it!

Fill out the form for a microgrant below so that you get the resources to do good! Light a fire of hope in the hearts of those who desperately need help and support! They see these lights. They are waiting for you – because your light dispels their darkness.
Step 1
Step 1
You fill an application for a microgrant and describe the cause/initiative that needs help
Step 2
Step 2
We contact you to discuss the details
Step 3
Step 3
We agree how to help together
Step 4
Step 4
We help you implement the initiative
Step 5
Step 5
You send us photos and videos of the event
Step 6
Step 6
Our journalists write the story to inspire others
Get your spark of goodness. Fill out the request for a microgrant.
Light the Goodacity Fire!
Application for a microgrant!
Your data is confidential!
Indicate who needs help or what is your desired initiative. Please include everything you feel is important.
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