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Giving Tuesday is a global charity movement; it originated in the U.S. in 2012 with a simple idea – to encourage people to do good. Over the years it has become a global movement that makes charity an integral part of everyone’s life. The main campaign is held on Tuesday after Thanksgiving – which is November 29th this year. On this day you can help others financially as well as with your time or talent.

Goodacity is a small charitable association primarily operating in Ukraine but having some activists in the US, Italy, and India. Essentially, we are a group of people who work in the IT field. We believe that good and kindness have great power, and we strive to give everyone an opportunity to feel their empowering effect. We assist those who help others, and we share their story to inspire more people to act.

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Last year, as part of our Giving Tuesday campaign, we managed to distribute 50 microgrants. Each microgrant is a small amount of money (under $100) and was given to a person who wanted to help someone else yet lacked financial means to do so. These 50 microgrants resulted in 50 beautiful initiatives, which touched lives and allowed us to share these inspiring stories with our community.

You can read about some of these initiatives by following the links below. This page was prepared for Christmas 2021, highlighting some of the requests we were able to meet.

When it feels like your help is too insignificant to make a difference, take a look at these pictures – all these good deeds have come to life thanks to people like you and their small contributions!

This year we are running our campaign again. The ongoing war in Ukraine brought a lot of pain and suffering, but it also created many opportunities to show generosity and kindness and help others. Our campaign begins on Giving Tuesday and runs through Christmas; during this time we collect both requests for microgrants as well as donations to provide them.

Would you like to devote a bit of your attention and share your warmth with the people in need? Using the link below you can see the latest list of initiatives that are waiting for their benefactors! Each request comes from a volunteer who seeks micro-funding to help someone in need. We update this list as new requests and new donations come in. The text you see is a translation of the original request that we received.

If you feel touched by one of these requests and would like to help us fund it, please fill out the form below, let us know which initiative you would like to support, and we will send you instructions on how to assist financially or (where applicable) in other ways.

Please note that we are not a charitable fund. We are a small group of volunteers, and we only assist other individual volunteers, who selflessly help people or animals. 

We carefully select initiatives that we support, and they are all real and genuine. All volunteers that we work with provide evidence (pictures and videos) of their activities and we regularly publish articles sharing these inspiring experiences.

If you support one of our initiatives, we will gladly include your name in the article, and you could share it with your friends and family to get them inspired.

"Do you want to see a miracle? Be the miracle," says a famous saying. Making a miracle for someone is easier than you think! Your kind heart can bring joy and faith in miracles to people who lost their homes because of the war or found themselves in difficult life circumstances.

Show generosity this Giving Tuesday! Together we can accomplish anything!

Become a Patron of Good!

Using the link above, choose the number of the request that you want to support and indicate it in the form below. We will contact you with details within 2-3 business days